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  1. Hurray! OK, so, I've been effectively in hibernation on this site for a long time (I'm effectively an outsider) but I want to do this right - if someone could tell me what I need to do in order to get round 32 on the road, I'd be very appreciative! I've got a source tune in mind, but no idea how to actually do this. Sorry for being so aggressively useless.
  2. Hello folks, I seem to be suffering a submission fall-through; I submitted a remix for consideration way back on the 26th of September last year, which I know was listened to as I got an email on the 5th of December advising me to sort out a problem with the track's high-end. I attempted to do so, and within 24hrs replied to this email with the amended track attached. I have not since heard from anyone regarding this; I sent a PM to Liontamer on December 30th to ask about its status, but he did not respond, so I thought I'd best mention this here. My question ultimately is whether or not the amended version was received, and, if so, whether it was sent to the back of the queue again. I'm also worried by the fact that it has never appeared in the "Currently in the Judging Process" thread. The remix's title is "Snowfall", which uses "People of the North Pole" from FFX as its source. Thanks!
  3. Kill Bill is all style, little substance. But it's a hell of a ride. Could probably watch it over and over for a day.
  4. I think there was once an SNL sketch which claimed Kazaam was proof of Shaq's links with the Taliban. It made twisted sense, and I thought it worth mentioning. Anyway, my film of choice for the entertainment category is Kill Bill Vol. 1; for the art category either Blade Runner or In The Mood For Love; for both, Goodfellas every time.
  5. Something lodged between house and ambient. Basically just copying the Tron Legacy soundtrack.
  6. Hi folks, Not a regular, myself, but felt like posting something since my OCR submission seems to have vanished from the face of the Earth. http://soundcloud.com/nashx/nash-platformer Feedback much appreciated!
  7. Hey folks, Just thought I'd add my two cents when it comes to Reason. I use Reason with Sonar, mainly working in Reason for everything to do with synths and sequencing, then rewiring into Sonar to add recorded elements and replace some Reason instruments with VSTs. My main thing is this: I have never considered Reason to be a proper DAW, simply because it never really dealt with recording stuff. (I haven't used Record, so I don't know how it has changed the dynamic of the program). I consider Reason to be a synth; a massive, almost infinitely versatile synth consisting of innumerable ways to make sounds, which I then put into my real DAW (Sonar in this case) and mix there. Reason is amazing for a whole number of things: it has my favourite MIDI sequencer ever (and I've tried a lot, Sonar's is especially sucky), it contains so many perfectly complementary synths and effects, it's a very very handy way of messing around with a keyboard in order to find melodies while still being able to find the right sounds and its hardware modelled interface means I can just plug wires wherever I want in order to see what I come up with. The moments when I spot an LFO running quietly away and I route that into the filter freq. of another synth somewhere completely different are magic. Reason is balls when I want to add my voice or my guitar. Just balls. Sonar, however, is amazing. So I plug Reason, this epic synth, into Sonar and play it like an instrument. I don't treat it like a proper DAW and I barely do any definitive mixing within it if recorded elements are to be used. This post started to ramble, and I apologise
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