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  1. Wintermute, this is a high-quality piece of work. I thought the vocals, while nothing overly-spectacular, no offense, were solid enough that they didn't detract from an otherwise-enjoyable piece of music. Just a note: the vocals that contained words sounded much better to me than the high, long notes. I know it's hard to carry a single note clearly for that long, so it's not to knock your ability, just a comment. It's a tiny bit wierd hearing that fast sitar(I'm assuming that's what it is), then the real slow vocals, but I think that's just me - for most ppl probably provides nice contrast. An
  2. All DjP mixes have a wonderfully-unique sense to them, and he should definitely be commended for that fact. I didn't particularly love the song when I first heard it, and so this mix isn't my favorite, but the remix itself seems to me to be overall quite solid technically(the only way I feel I have a right to listen to it, as I don't like the source material much). There is one point I have to bring up that really impresses me, is how well the bass line is used, IMHO. I really like how it fits with the section starting at 2:00, and then 2:26 when it starts really going. Sometimes I listen to r
  3. Had to chime in on this one, Mazedude just blows me away with this smooth^n mix. Like many other reviewers, I've never played Plok. I listened to the mix, and I was really "digging" them tunes(an appropriate word for the tone of the song, neh?). The bass line is nice and solid, the overall flow is quite melodious... and the song came to an end. Ah well, fun to listen to, I liked it... ... There's MORE? I had forgotten completely about the solo. It comes in and blows me away. I have to disagree with DjP, I don't think the richness of the un-synthed music overshadows the sampled stuff, I think i
  4. Hrm, think this is my first post, figured this was as good a mix as any to do it on. *grin* Anyway, McV puts out his usual high-quality remix, with some nice variations - I personally like the intro and how it segways oh-so-smoothly into the main theme, nice little build-up - on the theme that we have all come to know and love. What can I say? Kudos bigtime.
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