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  1. I didnt entirely specify which game i meant. But its dragon quest 8. Or for those hardcore collectors, Dragon Warrior 8.
  2. Awsome ideas. Although the crystalis request may take some time. The origonal NES game is hard to come by these days. And i agree with you. It brings back memories:tomatoface:
  3. Unusual request from a new member, however, this game has extreamly catchy tunes as im sure alot of you gamers already know. Yes, they are all simple. In all due respects to DjP and Forum Mods, this is a throw up to who ever wishes to take on the challenge. Personally, any genre and style is welcomed. Main tracks im hoping people will take on is those as follows: Battle Theme God Birds Eyre Moon Window Theme (exact name is unknown) Trodain Castle (cursed) Four easy to memorize tracks off this increadibly addicting game. I can play them well on a keyboard, but they are litterally off witho
  4. Excellent Remix. Im loving every second of it. All chrono trigger revisions and remixes all rock. Doesnt matter who makes them, they all are good to the ear. Rock on people. Rock the *cough* on. hehe....evil now must I be.
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