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  1. Happy birthday and thank you for all your work on OC ReMix!
  2. This new draft seems to cover the parts missing in the current policy nicely, especially the content that I was wondering about. Keep up the good work. Everyone.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Sure, for every song the bot displays the song name and whenever the users in the chat want to see more info about the song, the link to this website is displayed I might also put the website address link for every song name there. In case you want to test it and you have Xfire (Xfire is a free program to download and use), you can add me (godjonez) to friends list and ask an invite to the Music Box.
  4. Hello, I read the FAQ and did some searching around the forums but I couldn't find any definitive answer to my question. I would like to know if I am personally allowed to stream OverClocked ReMix music? I'd be using Xfire group voice chat for the music broadcasting. Since it also contains text chat, I have a bot on the room to advertise the songs I play there. Since all the songs have link to this website as their Album tag, those links get shown in the chat area as well. I know this music is free to download or copy, but the help pages did not say anything about live streaming of the musi
  5. Hello. I found this site by a link posted in forums.mattie.info and fell in love the first time I visited here. So much great free music! Lots of thanks to all the remixers here As Shark before me said, Chrono Trigger is the best game ever and every time I hear any version of the Far away times, I remember how awesome and touching that game was.
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