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  1. wow. just wow. you are gifted man - thank you for sharing.
  2. Hey Vagrance, didn't read your post before my last one, while the tune was re-upping. Thanks for the listen and comments - very much appreciated. I feel where you're coming from for sure. I really admire almost all the mixes I hear here because they're original and refreshing. That said, you're right -> I don't currently have the composition skills to really make innovative remixes. With my own work, I feel I've been able to create some worthwhile pieces, but using a MIDI presents certain challenges. I feel I can arrange sections and create progressions ok to a certain extent, but if I n
  3. Ok here's the revised piece. I left the drum intro and outro in because I think this is the last time I'll probably post it, unless I can figure out any more groundbreaking changes.. In the last week, I've probably worked far too much on it; the melody is ingrained in my brain, haha. Time to start new tunes! I changed the first synth, cut out some sfx, added some phrases to the middle, did some more drum edits, general EQing, some synth pitching, and cut the hi-bass in the very middle run. Big thanks to everyone, esp. Opterion for contributing a flute section that I felt helped give the
  4. Cheers for the listen and feedback, Rozovian, Opterion, and MrSneak. Rozovian: I was going for the "primitive type" synth for the classic feel, though I've changed the first synth slightly, and the intro melody. Perhaps for the best? I also cut as much of the low-mids on the bass as I could without it sounding wimpy. Opterion: I've taken out some of the xylophone at the beginning, and I think, toned down some of the SFX. I originally had much more, but was advised by a friend to minimize the use (makes it to obvious its a videogame remix for those that don't know he said, haha.) The melody
  5. spectacular song -I see this getting some play at home the only thing that stood out was that the drum track was too quiet, even a few more dB's in relation to the rest of the mix could do wonders. when the sub bass kicked in, imo, I could tell the rest of the song was mixed down well, but throughout the song, the drums are just slightly out of balance. cheers and great work!
  6. thx for the listen Spakku. perhaps it's cause the bass is so upfront and continuous, though I can't quite think of any way to have another instrument cut through, or be more dominant right now... much appreciated!
  7. I've posted up a few tunes here, and I think I'm getting closer and closer, haha. It's kind of designed for dj's to mix. You might think it's a bit repetitive, but I felt the progression is enough to drive it along. I did cut out the extended melody-less beat intro and outro I put in for mixing. The contained file is pretty-much as much as I can think of doing with it. I really enjoy workin on these tunes, and if you'd like - hit me a link and I'll give you feedback aswell. Take a peak! Feedback is appreciated! http://www.mediafire.com/?nzzmjtilozn Thank you and respect Update: revised
  8. yes!. yes yes yes yes yes! loving this one. what kind of music do you usu listen to. this sounds very dub-steppish (imo) and I just can't get enough of it. would *love* a 320 when you're done. respect and keep up the good work.
  9. If i'm not mistaken, what I did was revrse the drum loop, and do an automated low pass filter (to quickly reduce the high frequencies). I guess it kinda sounds like a record being played backwards while turning the volume down. I know what you mean about the drum beat. As timegoes on, I am using more and more drum beaks in my work. It may get played on the radio tomorrow, haha
  10. Thank you for taking a listen to a drum and bass remix I did of the "Chaos Temple" from Final Fantasy 1. Its now finished. so I won't be working on it anymore. I enjoyed making it, take a listen here: http://www.chainsawsound.com/dubs/Chaos%20Theory%20Dub%20-%20Rhythmicon%20(ChainsawSound.com).mp3 or here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FXKPCHS8 Lemme know what you think! Rhythmicon djrhythmicon@hotmail.com
  11. here you go. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PCV4KKGV it's temp again, but I'll be permanantly hosting it soon. thx for your listen bro cheers
  12. thank you Legion303 i appreciate the input. i know what you're talking about on th panning of the hats. its a break im using that basically has 2 breaks hard panned together. maybe I can reduce the stereo field a bit. in regards to the 6 mins reference, I guess its because some people i give this out to may mix it with other tunes, so it would probably stay a little more fresh. but i do know what you mean... maybe a longer intro w/o pads would do. thanx for your eartime
  13. Hello all! Im working on a jungle remix of "Spirit of the Night" from Secret of Mana. Its turned out to be more upbeat than the original, and has got a bit of a trance flavour to it aswell. Even if its not going to make judging, Ive really enjoyed making this, and I would really appreciate some constructive feedback on it. I am still doing work on the drums, and if anything akward stands out in the mixdown, dont hesitate to mention. Thx, guys. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5CVPGRW4 Rhythmicon (Quinn D.)
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