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  1. must-dog this is hotness. it makes me imagine that i am some rich mogul with the swankiest bachelor pad of all time in some high-rise downtown at night, and this is my ambient music that plays all day, [ incidentally a subtle homage to metroid for those who recognize it ]
  2. i have composed a REMIX of the BIRTHDAY SONG -- it is now EVIL: [ M P 3 ]
  3. djpretzel - you mentioned that you heard a metal version of this at magfest indeed you DID --- it was my band ARMCANNON here is a quick mix of a live radio performance we did --- http://chrisdlugosz.net/x/armcannon_castle_buffstate_radio.mp3 sorry for the self plug- okbye --- Chris -- 'keyboar' -- ARMCANNON
  4. one of our greatest failed experiments was that we took our already heavy-metal cover of power rangers, and morphed it into a slow reggae with me doing steel drums on the keyboard . . . also we do a super cliche but successfully loose, splattery blues version of hammer bros stage from mario3.
  5. fishy --- that was actually a one-time special-guest friend-cameo. however accordion is pretty much the only thing we are missing in armcannon
  6. holy crikey you people are dudical --- much appreciated --- Chris - ARMCANNON keyboardist
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