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    Iam a long time gameplayer since I was 7 or 8 back on my NES starting with Mario, Zelda and Megaman. Myu love for games has never slowed since I adore rpg's esspecialy classics that have touched me in many ways such as Breath of Fire 1 & 2, Lufia, FF2/4 and many others, If anyone wishes to contact me feel free to at Harpylady@Gmail.com or my Aim name posted above.

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  1. A soulful...beautiful remix of an Inspiring Megaman tune, The opening makes you really feel and remember the game, To me makes me recall the few but sad moments in Megamans history such as Protomans Defeat where we all believed him to be gone for good, And the Vocals, Forgive me for not knowing who the singer is but the voice really speaks to me if not us all with that slow jazzy sound that I personaly think can speak to us all if we merely take the time to listen, Please Keep up the good work and contenue to share with us all, Thank you for the simply wonderful remix.
  2. Iam not one for Techno styled remixes but this one captured me in the opening with its own interesting sounds and take on the original tune, Your remix has captured me and Iam sure will capture anyone else who gives it a chance, Dont stop remixing. Keep your own style and dont be afraid to upload it! Very well done I can only hope to hear more great remixes from you.
  3. Lets face it, This is a great remix, Melody what ever you wish to call it, It opened alittle different making us wonder what direction it will go then fades into this wonderfull piano that really (To me atleast) captures the essence of our favorite Blue Bomber, Overall it is a wonderfull remix or tunes that make us all remember the days of playing Megaman 3, The hard last second jumps, Winning boss battles with only one bar left on our life gauge, This song to me captures the very Essence of the original Megaman. (PS) Is that the Lufia tune at 2:40 that comes in? I could be wrong...But anyway...Kudos to the remixer, I hope to hear many more of your remixes that captures the soul or the gamers out there and helps us remember those times now past.
  4. Ive still longed for Midi's that bring back the emotions we all felt when we saw Maxim, Selene, Arte and Guy face off against the Sinistrals, The song that played during the aftermath, that theme of sadness that gave us all goosebumps and pray for something to save our favorite (Or at least mine) Snes couple during their moment of need, This song Of Sinistrals And Men brings back all those feelings and memories of one of the greatest Snes rpgs or all times, I wish to give thanks to the Re-mixer for allowing us all to relive those moments if only for a moment, Kudos... Great Job I do hope to hear more of your remixes.
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