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  1. Hey Doug, just saw this topic today--those auditions were very interesting to hear! For the record, I thought you were definitely the best. You're a monster on that vibe...tasty stuff.
  2. Anybody ever thought about doing a book of video game stands music? Like, for basketball games and whatnot. But it would be way more fitting for gaming competitions. Wouldn't that be badass to have a full pep band playing rousing battle music for video game tournaments! Just wondering if anybody else thinks this could be a good idea--alternatively, let me know if I'm being an idiot.
  3. I'm lovin all the help you guys are giving me, there's just no way one person can remember all of the great music of the NES-PSX/N64 without some help. On that note, though, what do you guys think about the inclusion of these more unrepresented series, namely almost all of the ones suzumebachi has mentioned? Here's the problem I'm going to have to face--I have no doubt that I would love the music of many of those games (I'll admit, I haven't played most of those you mentioned), but this is going to a mainstream audience as well, and I'd like to really try to cover as many of the bases as I can as far as music most people know. I know, I know, it may disappointing that I'm not planning on including every stunning RPG of the 90s, but I feel it's important to make a list of: 1) Plenty of well known tracks from well known games 2) Some lesser known tracks from moderately well known games 3) A dash of music from games mostly unheard of by the mainstream gamers--these tracks would likely be more title-themes. I think it's a good idea to use title themes/very significant themes from these 'unheard of' games, as long as it's strong material (which I'm sure it is) Keep it coming guys! I appreciate all of the posts so far. EDIT: Coop, thanks a lot for that list, I was a bit worried about the oversaturation of one publisher...this list is going to be a real trip to organize.
  4. I'm surprised no one's mentioned the N64/PSX boom adapter? They're on ebay for 10 bucks, and everyone who plays Super Smash Bros 64 online (I used to) has one. I liked using a N64 controller for N64 games and a PSX dual shock for anything else. I personally think a PSX controller is the best for any SNES gaming, as it's set up very similarly. Here's a link! (seems they've gone up 5 bucks. still not bad i guess)
  5. Without going into too much detail, I can say that I'm undertaking a big project involving lots of video game music! And it's very difficult, but I am selecting only a few songs from a small list of games from the past. I would like the OCR board's opinions of what should be included, game-wise and song-wise. Here's what I have got so far: Mario -nintendo Zelda -nintendo Metroid -nintendo FF 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 -square enix Sonic -sega Castlevania -konami F-Zero -nintendo Contra -konami Donkey Kong (plus diddy kong racing) -nintendo Kirby -nintendo Megaman -capcom Metal Gear -konami Mike Tyson's Punchout -nintendo Earthbound -nintendo Ninja Gaiden -Tecmo Pokemon -nintendo Breath of Fire -Capcom Chrono Trigger -square enix Earthworm Jim -Interplay Banjo-Kazooie -rareware Secret of Mana -square enix Star Fox -nintendo Tetris -nintendo Goldeneye 007 -nintendo Crash Bandicoot -Universal Interactive Fire Emblem -nintendo Golden Sun -nintendo Kingdom Hearts -square enix Phantasy Star Online (and predecessors) -sega Vectorman -sega I know this is a lot of Nintendo games, but I'm trying to keep it in the 'classic' era--the 80s and 90s. Even so, I am sure this list could use some amending with your help. 400 or so songs total is my goal. Which games/series have I missed, or have I included that is maybe less significant to the history of video game music? Also remember, the more games, the less songs from each game I can include. It's extremely difficult to narrow the large RPG soundtracks down to a few songs to stay around 400 songs, has to be done. There must also be a balance between mainstream familiarity and the 'deeper-into-the-videogame-culture' tunes, if that makes sense--namely, RPGs. I'd just like some opinions from other people here genuinely interested in popularizing vgm!
  6. My thoughts exactly. My friends and I call Finale's playback the "hobbit orchestra" for a reason So maybe the GPO library I have isn't actually that bad, it's just Finale's inhuman playback? I'll try to work with the GPO in garageband, just playing in the notes and playing with articulations, and if it's at all better than Finale, I'll be on a good start. From there I need to learn to use Cubase/Logic. I think you guys have given me the info I need to go out and learn a lot. Thanks!
  7. Indeed some very helpful advice...thanks for outlining the differences in those two programs, Cerrax. Fortunately those two programs were the ones I was most considering. Now that I know about the different formats of samples, I can read up on the topic. Thanks! As for Garageband, I am pretty fluent with it, at least before it went crazy with features like the audition mode or But yeah, I know how to use garageband, it's pretty straightforward. Logic is....not. Hahaha. But you're right, they're related and it would help me to practice up with GB before buying Logic if I decide on it. Another question--regarding Finale, I know you can substitute the garritan orchestra that comes with it your own sample library. Would that actually sound decent? I'm betting it's a better idea to let Finale do its thing with notation, and use another real program like Logic/Cubase for the audio product. Also--thanks for eliminating ProTools for me. I didn't wanna go there
  8. I consider myself a ready and able composer and am used to writing out music for ensembles to play, but I have realized that...I don't have a studio orchestra or even any means of recording my friends play my music And I need to learn to make a real product, not just notes on a page, lol. I need to start investing a lot of time and interest in sequencing my music, which I used to do with pure MIDI + Reason 3. But now I'm in a different boat. I want to literally input the exact notes I have written out for a chamber group into a program, have convincing samples play them, and come out with a professional product. LoLz yes, I'm joining the bandwagon. I am reasonably experienced with sequencing/MIDI, but not very with live audio. I don't think I will even need live audio experience to pursue this aspect of what I'm doing. Lemme just ask some basic questions. 1) What program should I use for OS X? I only have Reason, which only uses refills. I think it's time to use professional samples, so what software uses VSTs/digital instruments? Does Logic Express? Or should I go with ProTools LE? Or Cubase? Or something else? 2) Is my methodology correct? I used to just throw in instrument parts with my keyboard and my ear, but now I'm planning on having full scores written out and just inputting them into the software. Then tweaking to make it sounds correct. 3) As for that "tweaking"...I know that's a serious field of study. Any recommended books for me to understanding mixing and mastering better? Thanks everyone!
  9. Oh my goodness!! When I saw your name as a reply to my topic, I couldn't believe it. Hahaha, you're the guy I thought of first for 'flute,' but I figured it was a long shot. Do you want to get on AIM so I can show you the files?

    You don't have to do anything, but if you want to take a look at it, feel free to get on screenname is 'willyp933.' And, I REALLY wouldn't need a 200% perfect recording. ANYTHING live is better to me than finale. :)

  10. Hey there! Yeah, I'd be happy to send you the parts. Do you want a finale file or pdf? Or jpg?

  11. I have written two pieces that are fairly short in length (2 minutes each), and aren't particularly difficult. I want to put them in my porfolio on my website but the Garritan samples just don't seem all that professional Would anyone be interested in getting the sheet music and playing through the part with a metronome into a wav file? They're woodwind quintets, so: -Flute -Oboe -Bb Clarinet -F Horn -Bassoon If this is a totally stupid idea, let me know! Hahaha. I just don't know how else to get this done. I don't have any good orchestral samples.
  12. I recently got back from a weekend of a jazz honor band where i played piano and it was basically the most fun I've had playing music, ever. Everyone was very very good and would come up to me and start snapping for a tempo and throw a Real Book up and we'd start playing stuff, as i drowned in inferiority LOL. My point is, I want to find a drummer, bassist, and guitarist that can start a jazz combo with me, but I don't know where to find people like that. I am a senior in high school. I am in a larger funk band with this girl bassist who is excellent but is very flaky so I don't think she'd be ideal for a small group. As for drummers, well, I have no clue. All of the drummers i know (and i know several because me and my friends are all in drumline) would probably not hold up to the jazz combo style...i mean, at this honor band thing, the drummer was a sophomore and seemed totally fluent with all kinds of styles, like he could do the jazz feet stuff (2 and 4 on hi-hat pedal) and the swung or straight threes on the ride like it was NOTHING, at fast tempos...i want to be around that. I know that will make me a lot better, being with decent jazz players. I'm sure i'm not the only one here who's been in this sort of situation before. What can you guys recommend for finding people that can play jazz with me? Like out of fakebooks and stuff?
  13. I've always wanted to know more about how other people think of music, as I have my own way and i feel like it's very specialized as no one i've talked to seems to share the kind of thoughts i have. So just post any kind of anything about how you think of music away from your instrument. I'll start! **DISCLAIMER: by posting in this topic, you're pretty much voiding all modesty. just try to be honest in your introspection** Since about three years ago I started thinking about the keyboard all of the time in my head, like if i hear a melody in real life or even just in my memory, I try to play it on my mental-piano. I dont have any piano friends that I would talk to about this, so does anyone else do this? I'm also really compulsive about inverting and revoicing chords in my head. With easier chords, i can audiate them, but now that i am being introduced into these new jazz chords, i cant audiate them but i find myself still doing lots of voicings of them in my head with just the visual of the keys. for the last two years or so i've been pretty limited in my mental-keyboard exercises but these new jazz chords are really complicating the amount of inversions and voicings that i can finger out in my head, so it's really exciting and i hope i can learn a lot of new stuff from it. aside from chords, i also have exhausted some ideas to a point where i get very frustrated to find myself thinking about it again and again, like the different equal divisions of an octave and the chords it makes (augmented, dim. 7th, whole tone scale) or how augmented chords can turn into either major or minor based on raising or lowering any note, ETC ETC and for this reason i am very excited to have some new material to think about with the jazz chords. i would really appreciate some other cool theory ideas that i can practice on Mental Piano®. so that's what happens in my head when something's not already occupying it. i consider myself lucky to have somehow guided myself into obsessively picturing the piano in my head, since it's relevant to what i want to improve at. what about you guys? Do guitarists have something similar for their instrument? i imagine that'd be a hell of a lot harder to audiate with, just because it's...well it's a guitar. Aside from note-patterns/theory, what else do you picture in your head? my imagination is just not as creative as what you guys can actually say you have going on in your heads!
  14. I may be getting my college laptop for christmas if I decide to get it now...but I dont know if I should wait until the summer. I know that the current line of macbooks was a fairly recent upgrade, so i dont think they'll come out with a new model by this summer, and I don't think the prices will drop. On the other hand, the new OS should come out then and I've always heard it's a good idea to not buy a laptop until its model is more than a few months old, to sort out kinks and stuff. But I could just buy the new OS and install on my laptop if I already had it, that's no problem. Is there any reason I shouldn't just get the college laptop for christmas instead of waiting for summer? Not to mention I have no other ideas for what i maybe some more 5A sticks...which are what, $4? heh.
  15. I just realized that I have to send in a screened piano recording to Indiana, my now favorite music school of choice (visited today), and not only that, it has to be the same repertoire as what I will be auditioning with. FUCK SHIT DIE. i thought I had until February to finish working on this piece that I've been working very hard on. But there is good news. I dont even have to play that hard piece, I just have to play a Bach prelude&fugue (prelude: check. fugue: not check), a beethoven/mozart/haydn sonata first mvmt (uh-oh. I learned pathetique a year ago, but i didnt polish it), and a short 19th/20th century piece (perfect, I'm using gershwin's prelude #3) I have two weeks from tomorrow to have this stuff recorded and sent in. holy fucking shit. Fortunately this weekend marks the end of my marching band season and I will FINALLY get time to practice again for more than an hour a day. I'm going to be practicing 5 hours a day through november, indefinitely. Even with this, am I completely screwed? I looooooved indiana's entire campus and obviously the school of music. I would hate to ditch that option. I'm going to work my ass off, but can I really do it? Is a screened audition taken very seriously or is it just a "okay he's good enough to come back for a live audition, stop the tape" type of thing? ALSO, i have to submit a portfolio of compositions (3 or 4) by Dec 1, but I knew that. I didn't know about the piano screening because I thought it was only for performance majors...anyway, I'm planning on submitting the following for my composition portfolio: -Something i'm going to write this week for a wind ensemble or something. -my big percussion medley of many zelda tunes (the music director said an arrangement is okay as long as you have strong compositions as well) -a piano original, i'll write that this week too....... -I have another something in mind, i just dont know if i like it enough, a contemporary small band piece. TLDR: Just be frank with me guys. Is it possible for me to learn a Bach fugue (that i've listened to many times), heavily polish Beethoven's Pathetique 1st mvmt, lightly polish a bach prelude and gershwin prelude, write another original ensemble piece (takes a while for me), write another piano original, record my piano screening, write another shorter ensemble piece, use my friend's dad's studio to record it (easy)...can I do all of this before Dec 1st? I am going to try with all of my might regardless of what you say, but I want the realistic opinion of another musician.
  16. I am planning on recording 4 parts some time soon...2 marimba parts, a vibraphone, and a xylophone. I really have no idea how to do do this with my resources...I have a friend with loads of mics, his dad is a producer, but I don't know what I should use for this. I'm hoping I can get a good recording out of a simple SM58 or something, and just hook the SM58 into an MBox and record in protools LE...if I can't find an mbox/protools, maybe I'll just plug the 58 into an 1/8" converter so it can go straight into the computer and record with audacity or something? I'll try to bring someone along that knows more about sound engineering than me (LOL), but I'm planning on recording these parts and dubbing over the rest of my percussion parts with midi and samples. Did my idea of recording with the 58 + 1/8" convertor sound okay? Or is the lack of the audio interface going to be disastrous?
  17. I've finally decided to major in composition in college...the schools I'm looking are: -Indiana (Jacobs) -North Texas -Belmont (they have a commercial comp program!), this is near home in TN for me -MTSU, also near home, pretty inexpensive school -University of Tennessee, inexpensive option, could probably get a full ride here on merit, but IDK much about their music department. I've heard it's great, but...everyone says that about everywhere >.< I really like Belmont's commercial composition program, it includes all kinds of styles and Belmont's in Nashville where there's lots of business opportunity. But I hear about big name schools like North Texas and Jacobs and wonder if they have more to offer. What do you guys think? Any other options you can throw out here?
  18. Okay...I made an ending, and I LOVE IT! HAHAHA why didn't i think of this earlier when we were playing it in school! It kind of sounds like phil collins! New version: Sorry to get excited over myself, but i really love the mood the last theme sets in now BTW, the added themes are the Song of Storms and the final 8 bars are from the Serenade of Water...funny how those two turned out being sort of related I turned both of these 3/4 songs into 4/4. And they're both about water, sort of. Heh What do you think of the new ending though? Even though I like the bluesyness of the last part, I'm wondering if it's too mellow to end on. I think it works pretty well, but i have heard this so many times now that I don't trust my own opinion anymore. And...if this ending works, and I call this piece "finished," what can I do with it? I timed it, it's about 4:45 with the MIDI, performed it'd probably end up at 5 minutes. Is there some way I could actually sell this, like someone mentioned?? is where my high school gets all of its material for our percussion section, but it's all original and certainly not video game music. Could I get rights to use this arrangement since it's not original? That'd just be so cool if someone would play this...and putting it for sale would probably get more traffic than just putting it up for free somewhere anyway. (uhhh, like i just did here) Dhsu, (what's up), I don't have the recording of my high school playing's on a VHS somewhere, but...egh, it's so muddy and hard to even follow with the music. As for the marimba 2 part (the g minor arpeggio things), they actually got those down pretty well, we put the best people on marimba 2 for that reason. The real trouble was everyone getting through the Gerudo theme...we had to take it down like 15-20 BPM, lol. Felt draaaggy. And lastly, again, if anyone wants to use their samples on this, please let me know! I would be psyched!
  19. I think I'm just going to carry around an ipod full of chiptunes and transcribe songs and check them to see how right I am. It seems like the most pure form of transcription, with almost nothing to worry about but pitches. What are some other ideas you guys have used in the past?
  20. Wow!! Thanks for all of the compliments and comments guys! I am really psyched about writing an ending now...9 months later ^.^ I guess I'll write in one more song as an ending tomorrow, maybe the Song of Storms or just a Hyrule Field (the first theme used) with a lot of recapitulations from the other themes used. I dont know, but i agree, the ending is way dumb. And then...if I made it into a midi, does someone here have samples for all of the instruments? There are: -Marimba -Vibraphone -Xylophone -Bell set -Concert snare/bass/crash cymbals/sus cymbals/hi-hats -Triangle -Timpani -Electric bass I know it's asking a lot, but I'm just curious if anyone has all of those instruments sampled already and can just apply them to the midi tracks. Of course the drums would take a little searching to find the right midi note, but I think it's possible?
  21. I made this piece almost a year ago for my high school percussion ensemble to play, it was SO fun to write knowing that people would actually be playing my music! But...they kinda sucked at playing it. People didnt learn notes, didnt have chops to play sixteenth notes (), etc. It was still very fun to see people playing my music, but also frustrating! Anyway, I am applying for colleges now and I need somethings for my portfolio of compositions as I pursue a major in music composition. Actually, why the hell am I telling you this? If anyone wants to play my medley of Zelda arrangements, LET ME KNOW! Or...if anyone could take this midi and put some good samples on it, that'd be stellar too! Whatever. I'm not demanding anything, just seeing if anyone's interested:
  22. I am a senior in high school, looking at mainly 4 schools of music right now: -Indiana (Jacobs) -North Texas -Belmont (in TN where I live, it is a pretty great mid-small music school in Nashville) -Miami, OH I don't really know what I should major in. I keep flipping back and forth between Composition and Jazz Studies. Here's what I'm like as a musician: -I've played piano for 8 years, I play by ear very well and have experience in jazz bands and accompanying, etc. I also have a classical repertoire that I am using for college auditions, including Ballade in G minor by Chopin, a prelude/fugue by Bach (in C#), Prelude #3 by Gershwin, and a classical piece (probably beethoven) that i have yet to learn O_o -I compose music sporadically but I really enjoy it. I've used Finale quite a bit, I think I've made 3 or 4 truly complete songs for ensembles and like 15 unfinished half-done things. Used sibelius a good bit, too. -Aside from composing with notation software I like to sequence and use Reason 3 a lot. I've made about 10+ decent songs of electronica, jazzy/fusion, and pseudo-film-score type genres. -I also play percussion well, I made all-state for percussion last year and I hope I can do it again this year. I don't know if this'll really help me with college though, kind of random So now that i'm done inflating my image, what is the best path for me to take? I can't be a piano performance major, I have too much outside interest from classical, but on the other hand I don't want to give up piano by taking Composition...but I don't want to give up composing and just learn to play in a band, as I think the Jazz Studies programs emphasize. Here's my ideal future, completely unlikely as it may be in today's market: I really would like to work with a media company (games, films, television, whatever) as a contracted composer and get to create music of varying styles and maybe even contribute in the production process as well. But I know this is pretty unreasonable today. What is something I can do with my talents that will give me my best possible job outlook? I don't want to get a music education degree, BTW, so please don't recommend that unless you really want to persuade me. I feel like with my fairly rounded musical background I should have some kind of advantage over the 'talented composer' or 'fantastic pianist' that is simply one dimensional. But hell, what do i know. Anyone want to give me some advice that knows about this first-hand? THANKS for replying to a ignorant and naive little 17 year old who will probably be poor but hopes otherwise
  23. I'm thinking about getting some Rokit 5 studio monitors--I just don't know how I'll hook them up to my eMac 1.42 ghz model comp. The mac only has one 1/8" input--what do I need to connect a pair of monitors for stereo output? Trying to keep away from a complete audio interface, as I only work with midi...
  24. Wow, this is an excellent tutorial! Thanks for linking me to it--I'd forgotten all about the tutorials on OCR. I saw zirc's tutorial years ago, but never read it. BTW, this isn't my remix, I go by "snazzypadgett" or formerly "dj-dinero," this is the work of PLBenjaminz Thanks Groovemaster, I have some reading to do