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  1. Does anyone have room for two more people? Myself and Pauline (my girlfriend)
  2. Velocifero

    Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on Conan

    Yeah I had no idea that screen existed. I imagine the sound system they have there too is pretty sick.
  4. Velocifero

    Map of the OCR Community

    PM'd you Arrowman
  5. Velocifero

    "Spectrum of Mana" is released!

    Woohoo! Downloaded. Sounds great guys!
  6. x2 this. Very ambient like SoM+
  7. Velocifero

    Fit Club ahoy! Where men are bros and women are also bros!

    I'm trying to log in with my Facebook account and it's saying "Oh Dear! Something went wrong. We don't have your account on file."
  8. Velocifero

    MAGFest 12 - Post-MAGFest Depression hits again

    Much appreciated, but I may not need that after all. Finding a room for just me and my girl was a last resort but I actually wanted a room for 4 people. I tried using the official Gaylord hotel website and even tried calling and they are booked, BUT if you use the link in the OP, it appears Magfest reserved a bunch of rooms and has availability. This can't be true as I JUST booked rooms for Jan 2-5 for $135/ night from the link in the OP, which I believe is the Magfest rate.
  9. Velocifero

    MAGFest 12 - Post-MAGFest Depression hits again

    Does anyone have room availability for me and my girlfriend? We are willing to pay of course and sleep on floors or air mattresses we can bring.
  10. Velocifero

    MAGFest on NPR

    "There's no such thing as bad press."
  11. melody is always killer with the percussion. Great track.
  12. Velocifero

    im retiring bye

    Peace out.
  13. Velocifero

    wip FF9 -You Are Not Alone

    There's no counter so I can't describe exactly when it happens, but after the slow part in the beginning, about 1/4 through, the flute seems to double tempo in the melody department. Just sounds strange to me. The only thing I can see making it transition better, to me, is to double the beginning pace of the flute as well. Other than that, it sounds great man!