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  1. Sunshine Coastline is one of my favourites on the OST and this does a damn good job of adapting and extending it. Naturally I am biased to prefer the section which is least original however the intro does make for a nice build-up compared to the original. I think we need more Falcom remixes here. Look how few there are: https://ocremix.org/org/92/falcom/remixes
  2. As a fan of the Original Soundtrack I might like the original too much to be a good judge. This did tempt me into downloading directly rather than waiting for the torrents to be updated. This sounded like good: the instruments, the not-singing vocals. Not the usual genre/style I prefer but it has grown on me after listening a few times. Thanks.
  3. I can hear the Konosuba ending theme in a few parts of this, at the start in particular.
  4. > Album Art - minor tweaks; size increased to 700x700, and gray adjusted to match the latest site design A great way to ensure nobody can reuse the data they already have.
  5. Why isn't there just 2500-3000? Or Make that 2000-3000 Curses! Or do I mean "thank you"? As for looking for old remix comments, don't forget to look at The Wayback Machine?
  6. Interesting. I'll have to remember to try again later as it doesn't work with javascript disabled.
  7. Since we can't seem to get the torrents at the moment, any chance for a magnet link or three? Or even just a mirror? Since the management have previously removed one of my favourite tracks, I for one won't be doing that.
  8. I have read the latest update: "FINAL FANTASY 7: Voices of the Lifestream Reprint Added to EXISTING $50 & Up Rewards" and I am slightly confused by the later "Every backer at the $50 level". Does this mean that if I give $50 now I will or will not get a copy of Voices?
  9. The flac file for track 3 is broken (according to flac and ffmpeg). Any chance to get a replacement?
  10. How is that possible? I thought you guys got wave files for submissions
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