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  1. On 8/1/2016 at 5:21 PM, DarkeSword said:

    Every recent Mario Kart game has instilled desperate desire in me to visit the Mushroom Kingdom. Some of those city/beach locations seem fantastic.

    Seconded.  Especially as beautiful as they looked in Mario Kart 8.

    But for me: my first thought was Super Mario Galaxy.  Yes it's filled with perils, but getting to play around with gravity like that?  Want.

  2. http://twitch.tv/q_pa

    I've recently started streaming, and it's been an "interesting experiment."

    Since so many games have passed me by, I think a theme will be me experiencing classics for the first time. I'm currently on Disc 3 of Final Fantasy  IX, to be followed by Earthbound, Metal Gear Solid, maybe Grim Fandango Remastered?

  3. 18 hours ago, kitty said:

    I still need a room if anyone needs a roommate

    Or I guess I request space in the OCR Suite if that's still an option :) 

    I'm right there with ya....

    PS: I thought I posted in here already, but I'm going. :)


    On 1/14/2016 at 8:17 PM, DrumUltimA said:

    Yay! We just got announced! http://magfest.org/musicians

    Alright!  Seeing you guys playing in the lobby has been a highlight of the past 2 years.

  4. I spent most of the weekend watching this, and it was absolutely incredible that they raised over a million dollars for this. Some of my personal highlights:

    - The four-player simultaneous race to see who could finish a Super Metroid any% run the fastest, followed by a quickie "who can beat Spore Spawn the fastest" run to make up for the fact that Spore Spawn is entirely skipped in the any% (you can watch that whole set

    if you missed it)

    - Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out both completed while blindfolded

    - Random dude speedrunning Mighty Morphin Power Rangers SNES on the bonus stream yesterday


    Hah. I had to miss a lot of it due to work/travelling this past weekend, but my highlights were:

    * During Diddy Kong Racing: donating for everyone to shout "READY? GO!" --Then donating to stop it. ;)

    * Someone donating $10,000; I forget who but I saw it happen.

    * Some amazing stunts pulled off during Super Monkey Ball, both earlier and in today's bonus stream

    * Today's Star Wars Dark Forces run in 30 minutes; love that game.

    My least favorite part: spending over 3 hours of prime-time Thursday night watching Starcraft 2 (boring...)

    And yeah, the blindfolded Punch-Out! runner made it all the way to MIKE TYSON before being defeated! A major improvement over last year.

  5. I know I talked with a few people about this last year, but we should set up a group chat during Magfest. There's a great app for Android (not sure about other OS's) called GroupMe, basically it's like texting and a chatroom combined. I think it could be extremely useful for people to meet up with each other, since Magfest can get kind of hectic and groups can be separated easily, plus not everyone has everyone else's phone number.

    Yep, I remember us talking about that & setting up a chat like immediately after last year. :razz: Ah well.

    And yes, it's for iOS too.

  6. I figured out my stuff. So I'm going there Friday morning and coming back to Boston on Saturday. That means I'm looking for somebody to share a room with on Friday night. Is there anybody who happens to be looking for a roommate for Friday night? I'd happily crash with someone (and of course split the night's cost of the room)

    I've got space. And I'm in the OCR block. :)

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