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  1. Well, I promised myself this would be the summer I finally play Earthbound, and though I'm not quite done with FF9 yet I'm running out of time to start... So I'll be popping my cherry tonight around 8:30 EST. Again, http://twitch.tv/q_pa
  2. Seconded. Especially as beautiful as they looked in Mario Kart 8. But for me: my first thought was Super Mario Galaxy. Yes it's filled with perils, but getting to play around with gravity like that? Want.
  3. http://twitch.tv/q_pa I've recently started streaming, and it's been an "interesting experiment." Since so many games have passed me by, I think a theme will be me experiencing classics for the first time. I'm currently on Disc 3 of Final Fantasy IX, to be followed by Earthbound, Metal Gear Solid, maybe Grim Fandango Remastered?
  4. I'm right there with ya.... PS: I thought I posted in here already, but I'm going. Alright! Seeing you guys playing in the lobby has been a highlight of the past 2 years.
  5. I've missed out the past few years but now I'm happy to say I'm back in!
  6. Let me be the first to say... Sorry, The Coop! I couldn't help myself. Even though I'm not very active these days, I still love you guys & all that you've done. It's been awesome & an honor being part of this community.
  7. Hat: meet ring. I'm going (as if any of you though otherwise)! Bahamut or Nonamer: are either of your rooming arrangements still valid?
  8. So some bad news: my friend dropped out today: the final day of hotel registrations. It'll just be me; anyone have crash space for 1 more?
  9. Sweet; that's what I'm hoping for. Thanks!
  10. IT'S HAPPENNING! Old-school MAGFest returns for a one-off at our old stomping grounds: the Hilton in Alexandria, VA! Only 1650 tickets left (out of 3000 available)! Who's going?
  11. Hah. In the final minutes of the stream, they're shaving Naegleria's head while he plays F-Zero GX!
  12. Hah. I had to miss a lot of it due to work/travelling this past weekend, but my highlights were: * During Diddy Kong Racing: donating for everyone to shout "READY? GO!" --Then donating to stop it. * Someone donating $10,000; I forget who but I saw it happen. * Some amazing stunts pulled off during Super Monkey Ball, both earlier and in today's bonus stream * Today's Star Wars Dark Forces run in 30 minutes; love that game. My least favorite part: spending over 3 hours of prime-time Thursday night watching Starcraft 2 (boring...) And yeah, the blindfolded Punch-Out! runner made it all the way to MIKE TYSON before being defeated! A major improvement over last year.
  13. The official run is over--now come the "Bonus Bonus" runs! Same Twitch URL as above; here's the schedule.
  14. Over the next week, Speed Demos Archive is at it again--live speedrunning games 24/7 to help support the Prevent Cancer Foundation. http://www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda Schedule at http://gamesdonequick.com/schedule This has really helped me get over my post-MAGFest depression in years past and I hope you guys enjoy it too!
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