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  1. q-pa

    OCR Twitch Streamers

    Well, I promised myself this would be the summer I finally play Earthbound, and though I'm not quite done with FF9 yet I'm running out of time to start... So I'll be popping my cherry tonight around 8:30 EST. Again, http://twitch.tv/q_pa
  2. q-pa

    What game world would you most want to visit?

    Seconded. Especially as beautiful as they looked in Mario Kart 8. But for me: my first thought was Super Mario Galaxy. Yes it's filled with perils, but getting to play around with gravity like that? Want.
  3. q-pa

    OCR Twitch Streamers

    http://twitch.tv/q_pa I've recently started streaming, and it's been an "interesting experiment." Since so many games have passed me by, I think a theme will be me experiencing classics for the first time. I'm currently on Disc 3 of Final Fantasy IX, to be followed by Earthbound, Metal Gear Solid, maybe Grim Fandango Remastered?
  4. I'm right there with ya.... PS: I thought I posted in here already, but I'm going. Alright! Seeing you guys playing in the lobby has been a highlight of the past 2 years.
  5. q-pa

    OCR Secret Santa 2015

    I've missed out the past few years but now I'm happy to say I'm back in!
  6. Sweet! Your form is filled out.
  7. q-pa

    Celebrate 15 Years of OverClocked ReMix!!

    Let me be the first to say... Sorry, The Coop! I couldn't help myself. Even though I'm not very active these days, I still love you guys & all that you've done. It's been awesome & an honor being part of this community.
  8. Hat: meet ring. I'm going (as if any of you though otherwise)! Bahamut or Nonamer: are either of your rooming arrangements still valid?
  9. So some bad news: my friend dropped out today: the final day of hotel registrations. It'll just be me; anyone have crash space for 1 more?
  10. Sweet; that's what I'm hoping for. Thanks!
  11. IT'S HAPPENNING! Old-school MAGFest returns for a one-off at our old stomping grounds: the Hilton in Alexandria, VA! Only 1650 tickets left (out of 3000 available)! Who's going?
  12. q-pa

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

    Hah. In the final minutes of the stream, they're shaving Naegleria's head while he plays F-Zero GX!
  13. q-pa

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

    Hah. I had to miss a lot of it due to work/travelling this past weekend, but my highlights were: * During Diddy Kong Racing: donating for everyone to shout "READY? GO!" --Then donating to stop it. * Someone donating $10,000; I forget who but I saw it happen. * Some amazing stunts pulled off during Super Monkey Ball, both earlier and in today's bonus stream * Today's Star Wars Dark Forces run in 30 minutes; love that game. My least favorite part: spending over 3 hours of prime-time Thursday night watching Starcraft 2 (boring...) And yeah, the blindfolded Punch-Out! runner made it all the way to MIKE TYSON before being defeated! A major improvement over last year.
  14. q-pa

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2014

    The official run is over--now come the "Bonus Bonus" runs! Same Twitch URL as above; here's the schedule.
  15. Over the next week, Speed Demos Archive is at it again--live speedrunning games 24/7 to help support the Prevent Cancer Foundation. http://www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda Schedule at http://gamesdonequick.com/schedule This has really helped me get over my post-MAGFest depression in years past and I hope you guys enjoy it too!