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  1. This is an absolutely amazing rendition of Theme of Love. If Uematsu-san heard this he would cry from how his original version got turned into such a fantastic piece of music. Kudos Pot Hocket! I hope you continue to make great music
  2. True when you put that factor into the mix. I can agree with Strife being a huge joke. It didn't take much to bring him down.
  3. Legend of Legaia - After having to fight Songi 3rd form, I was expecting something god-like. Yeah...I was really wrong that time. ZOE 2 - Oh man I was so mad that I had fight Anubis for the 3rd freaking time! I was ready to open up a can until I beat him in about a minute.... ZOE 1 - Storyline boss. You can't hurt him at all.
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