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  1. I have 150 remixes I've found appealing enough to save. This hit the ups of my top 10. This is F'ing amazing stuff! I love the gradual build-up and layering throughout the whole thing. The last minute is flat-out phonomenal! There is so much going on, working together, and doing it SO right-on. I am in constant awe of this, and I've been listening to it since it was posted. That longevity is something you sould be happy with.
  2. 'Bout damn time someone did this well enough to be put up on this site. Wonderful material to work with and the arrangment holds true to the original with all the majesty and essense it deserves. Can you tell I like this?
  3. I'm I thought this was awesome, and one of the better remixes in the past 2 months. Once this song gets rolling it just jams, will that happy 80's flight feeling... I dunno how to explain it. It captured the game and the genre quite well. I especially enjoy the fact he let it ride for four+ minutes, though I could have handled six:) Nice work on drums and bass, sounds great in the car!
  4. Sounds like it belongs on the Kenshin OVA; this is great orchestral work. Strongly evokes emotion, somber yet stirring. Like the death of a Legend. Good Stuff!
  5. This is one of the better remixes on this site, and like many of you I have well over a hundred ones that I've decided to keep. It has a sense of subtle power mixed with an otherworldly magical feel. I especially loved the way the guitar and piano play off each other. So basically I'm saying you improved on the original IMO, as the mood is there, and yet it is doubly as interesting. Kudos!
  6. I enjoy the mix as a whole, which is impressive given it's a compilation. Many compilations (and normal songs for that matter) are only interesting in parts, but this one stands well from start to finish, with a soothing and somewhat haunting mood (due to the pipe-like sounds). Great work on the guitar btw! This is my 2nd favorite mix by DJP, With his Crono Revival Day being his best, IMO:)
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