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  1. i wrote this piece off a deep-seated inspiration from the star ocean series and sakuraba's work on it, and maybe even a little phantasy star. any kind of crits would be very appreciated, particularly production thanks and happy listening~ link:
  2. that's a bunch of bs. the songs aren't even in the same relative keys (i.e. major, and minor, respectively). freeze has a whole lot more modulation going on too.
  3. oh come on no "a snow light" or "rheiards"? those are the two best tracks on the album
  4. i'm not saying remixers think, "this song sucks and i'm gonna make it better," i'm saying, "damn i kick so much ass i surpassed the original work." so.. what is the elusive auditory quality that constitutes humanization? why isn't it replicate-able through samples? yeah i'll definitely look into it, thanks. i was just gonna point this out; i thought that it was kind of interesting to note that since jazz's academization with the establishment of berklee, the people that flock to study jazz want to play it more than compose it. back when jazz was a fairly underground form of music, t
  5. these things never grow into something bigger. they are kids entertaining fantasies. even doujinshi in japan is FAR from mainstream. quite in contrast to music. the book itself is not being rewritten, it is being adapted into a visual format. entirely different. of the people who've seen both, it is almost unanimous that remakes don't live up to the originals. the ring and the grudge don't even come close to how scary the originals were. these are not reinterpretations done by someone other than the creator. this is your only example that holds any water, and it is still more
  6. this is in part why i think of interpretation the way i do. art is the physical manifestation of one's essence, and to just mess around and distort someone else's piece is the zenith of disrespect when accompanied by certain attitudes. you are distorting someone's very being, often with a complete unawareness of the consequences of the activity itself. this is a cool thought. this implies.. that there's some quality you can't get out of just listening to a song, you have to play it, you have to experience the song on a higher level to understand that higher meaning. this is exciting hah
  7. oh, please enlighten me! what other artistic scene is even comparable to the level found in music? keep on making these claims with no supporting evidence. iirc, you, much like darkesword did that in my last thread too. an excellent way to prove a point. it's obvious. the awesomeness of this thread produced animalistic responses and he was tired of constricting his friend. but you did skew them. see, i don't believe interpretation is "wrong" and that musicians aren't "allowed" to perform others' pieces. i believe outside interpretations are lesser than interpretations from the c
  8. examples to back up your claim? you don't have to learn a piece to achieve that; you can pick up on whatever harmonic/melodic ideas by listening if you have perfect pitch. i totally agree with you. i'm not talking about small differences that don't change the overall work. those examples are more analogous to cover bands. when you interpret a song in the context of ocremix, you are using the source but extensively changing it as well. so the analogy still holds- why aren't paintings interpreted in this way? poems? books? choreographies? plays? nothin'. i appreciate your inp
  9. i need to weed out this useless, unproductive conversation before i can respond to the good points raised by others. you two share a remarkable propensity for skewing viewpoints. my stance is that a composer possesses the most valid interpretations as natural entailment, and interpretations by others aren't inevitably bad, but lesser by nature. what i think is "wrong" is this absurdly arrogant mindset that permeates ocremix which believes in distorting, morphing, or altering others' works and championing them, with inflated chests, as equal or even superior versions. that's what i thin
  10. sorry if my terms are a bit confusing, but by realization i somewhat mean manifestation. when you play an instrument, you are manifesting notes, and when you play a song, someone else's or yours, you are realizing a song. when you dance, you are realizing a choreography, cooking:recipe, reading aloud:book, etc. painting and sculpting don't have these real-time equivalents. well this can certainly explain why an artist would want to have his work performed, but the question i'm asking is why you would want to perform it this pretty well answers why you appreciate/listen to videogame mu
  11. i stumbled across something while thinking today. i think the experience of certain artistic disciplines can be accurately summed up in three distinct areas: conceptualization, appreciation, and realization. applying this to theatre, you get script-writing, attending plays, and directing/acting. likewise, you can choreograph, attend a show, and dance. you can write a book, read someone else's book/attend an oration, and orate your own book (words are not physically manifested until spoken). (on a related note, it's worth pointing out that realization can only be applied to disciplines whos
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