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  1. I'm going to have to hit this server up. My steam name is Ruby Rhod. Hopefully I'll see all of you guys on there.
  2. Full Metal Alchemist is by no means short. Its 50eps. I'd recommend Baccano. Awesome anime and its only 13 episodes.
  3. Just get tor or use a proxy when you need to download .torrent files. Thats what I do. I'm @ college as well. I'm uploading @ 400kb/s split between the two big song packs and voices of the life stream. I'll seed for a while since I'm at school for at least another month .
  4. I missed the meet up since I was busy taking cosplay pictures, even had to leave the panel a little early for a private photoshoot. I'm definetly going to make sure that I free up my schedule for ocremix related stuffs next year.
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