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  1. I'm surprised that sources like this just keep on being translated into interesting arrangements. This is nice. The way you play around with the melody is really creative. I thought the syncopated bass from 1:07-1:22 was a good idea, but the staccato (staccatissimo?) made it sound a bit unusual. As others have pointed out, 1:23-2:03 is especially good. It would have been cool if it went on a bit longer, but I like this fine anyways (-:
  2. This is a great track that I keep on coming back to. Everybody's talking about tango rhythms and a tango sound, though I really can't hear much of either, just an old-school rock sound with some unusual instrumentation and rythmic motifs. The arrangement goes a lot of places while retaining an original sound, and I think the inclusion of the pitched percussion is an important component in this. I like ilp0's newer arrangements too (the production in partcular is much better), but having been listening to this for over a year now I don't think it's been topped.
  3. This is great, I'm surprised it was almost rejected. One of my favourite pieces to appear on OCR recently, which is saying a lot considering the standard of recent submisions. The percussion in particular really adds energy to the piece, it would feel very empty without it. The harpsichord is nice, though the capabilities of the instrument aren't really exploited as they could have been. I would have loved to hear some continuo or something in there somewhere. The writing for the orchestra itself is brilliant and original. Nice work.
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