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  1. because it may not be Mastered. Check my thread in the community forum. I offer free mastering to any remixers' songs to be submitted. Just for OCRemixers though. Otherwise I charge actually money. Like the kind that they accept at Taco Bell or Del Taco.
  2. Hey bud. I think it sounds pretty cool. Reminds me of Bleach. Ideally, when sending something for mastering, you want to make sure that the highest peak in the song doesn't go past -3db. Just adjust the master fader before exporting so that nothing peaks past -3db. This way the mastering engineer has headroom to work with. I'll work on your track and post a link where you can download what I've done.
  3. Hey everybody. I've been a fan of OCremix for a long time and finally registered. There is something about hearing all the old stuff we've played for hours in a different way. I am particularly a fan of Street Fighter and it blew my mind to find Blood on the Asphalt. Anyways, back to the main point. I am a professional audio engineer with my focus being on mastering (mastering has been making me the most money let's just say). Since I love OCremix.org so much, and all of its members and submitters, I hereby officially donate my mastering services, for free, to future OC submissions. I will ho
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