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  1. Hey thanks everyone for picking up the album and all the kind words!! You guys are awesome!!

    It does seem that Wonderful and Second Chances are the favorite tracks, from what I've been hearing. Maybe Second Chances more so.

    The other thing that I keep hearing from others is that this album will give you the feels.

    So thank you for letting me know how you felt about the album. It's helpful and interesting, and moreover, it's so important to me (and any artist) to hear that people are enjoying and even having an emotional response to the music. It's the reason why I make it.

  2. Hey everyone, a few days ago I released my debut solo album, departure!!

    departure is an acoustic pop album, with 10 original songs. I wrote and performed all of the songs, and the instruments I used include guitar, voice, piano, and violin.


    departure is a journey through many emotions I experienced during a certain time in my life. It is an expression of joy, fear, hope, despondence, and many other human feelings, in musical form. 

    It also bears a personal message: The importance of expressing our stories and experiences to touch other lives, so that we can all feel connected in our shared humanity. I encourage you to also use your voice and express your story to the world!

    Currently it's only available on Bandcamp, but I plan to soon get it on CDBaby so it will be available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify (and a bunch of other places I probably haven't even heard of?).

    You can check it out here! diodesmusic.bandcamp.com

    Thank you if you check it out! And thank you even if you don't check it out! Because OCR and the community have been a huge part of my growth as a musician. Not to mention all the friends I have made here. So thank you just for giving me the space to share my music, hear your music, and connect with other people. It's been a wonderful experience.

    <3, Diodes/Amy



  3. Don't listen to this. Half the fun of Magfest is in piecing together your full weekend by way of stories and pictures/videos that people have of you while you were too shitfaced to remember.

    You know what else is also fun? Actually enjoying the con and not spending it sick in bed or hurling into the can. I mean fine, do whatever you want. It's just that there comes a point where if you are not in good health, it will detract from you ability to enjoy MAGFest. So use your judgment.

  4. Last year I got hit with this when I got home. Definitely not a fun time.

    I picked up a good amount of antiflu/antibacterial wipes that I plan on having on me at all times this year. If you're heading to the arcade area and would prefer to wipe down the unit before using it contact me and i'll be happy to give you a few.

    Had I never been to MAGFest, I might have seen this and thought this sounded way OCD-germophobe. But no, actually that's a brilliant idea.

  5. Hey guys, it's time for my yearly spiel.

    MAGFlu is real. Don't get MAGFlu. It sucks. Use your common sense and do the things you normally do to stay healthy. Don't forget to take care of your health. It is a good idea to do things like:

    - wash your hands

    - eat healthy meals and not just junk food

    - don't get stupid stupid drunk

    - get enough sleep -- it's easy and tempting to not do this

    - don't lick doorknobs

    Keeping yourself healthy helps keeps us all healthy. Thank you. Enjoy the con!

  6. I tried to open the 2014 resolutions thread, but it's broken for me. (500 error.) So I'm just going to post my follow-up on last year's stuff here. I do remember that my resolutions were (I think):

    Make a music video.

    Cope with PTSD.

    No bullshit!

    At some point in September, I consciously decided I was not going to make a music video, in favor of other priorities.

    I did succeed at the other 2 resolutions! Without going into too much detail, I am successfully coping with PTSD to the point where it is not interfering in my lifestyle, though I still do feel the anxiety on a regular basis. It just doesn't prevent me from doing anything, like it used to.

    I was also a lot more assertive in different ways, which resulted in some very positive things. For instance, it is because of this resolution that I made a new friend, Cash (on the forums) :razz:

    For 2015, I have one resolution: Forgiveness.

    So how did you do on your 2014 resolutions, and what are your resolutions for 2015?

  7. Really beautiful and peaceful piece. BTW, upon hearing the piano part, I didn't wish that it had been played live rather than sequenced. Actually, the word that came to mind was "hypnotic," in a good way -- before I even read the writeup and saw that DJP had described it the same way. I also liked what you did with Saria's song, changing up the rhythm and completely changing the chords and everything that happens around it.

  8. Yaaaaay! Really happy to see this here. I think this is absolutely Vinnie's best work to date, and I am so so happy he is finally singing main vocals on a remix. I have been trying to get him to do that for a long time ;)

    Now I feel like I am just repeating myself, because I just said this about your previous remix, but I really like the build-ups and transitions; you have such a mastery over control of energy flow. Example: how the first chorus comes in sparse, but then builds up to the full version. These changes of energy, never staying in one groove for too long before evolving, give a feeling of forward momentum that keeps attention and interest throughout the piece.

    Overall I'd say this is a technically well-done piece, not unlike artists BT and Deadmau5, it conveys plenty of emotion, and it's catchy as hell. In fact, listening to it, I feel compelled to do an acoustic cover of it, if only because it's so catchy and sing-along-able. :smile: Great job once again.

  9. Kudos to everyone involved, because this is an awesome remix, in all aspects. Palpable, you just keep getting better and better, and it's been wonderful to see your growth as a producer and arranger over time. I love the vocals, and think both vocalists knocked it out of the park. Ms. Jones's voice somehow has this haunting beauty that is absolutely perfect for this song, conveying so much emotion in its purity.

    Palpable I'm particularly proud of you because I believe this is your most expressive piece of work to date. It really evokes feelings of personal struggle and has depth, and I find it to be quite moving.

  10. Aside from the aforementioned organized meetups, conventions, and hangouts in D/M/V area, I have run into OCR fans randomly. In fact, one of my coworkers found out I was into VGM one day, and asked if I'd ever heard of OCR. That was a long conversation :)!! Then there was the time that Palpable and I attended a wedding, and one of the groom's friends that was sitting at our table was a big OCReMix fan, and actually had Palpable on his iPod. Went nuts when he found out that Palpable was who he was talking to, haha.

    Then there was the original random OCR run-in, from my point of view: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=45252

    Wherein I met DJP back when I only had a vague idea of what OCR was.

    Anyway, none of these times was anybody wearing any OCR stuff (as classy as it would be to wear the OCR hoodie to a wedding), but the subject came up and eventually OCR people were discovered. So I think they're out there, you just may not be able to identify them without striking up a conversation.

  11. When you're working on a big project, you don't just check at the end to see if it was completed. You divide the project into smaller tasks, and keep tabs on the progress of the project at various stages. The same thing with New Years resolutions, check in periodically on your progress, motivate yourself. That's why I'm checking my list now, and I think others will agree.


    So much this.

  12. OK, just thought of another goal I'd like to achieve in the next year: Make a music video of my original music and have it up on YouTube.

    So my list is:

    - Overcome PTSD, don't be nomad

    - Make music video

    I'm making good progress on my resolutions!

    I made a huge leap in overcoming my PTSD. Without going into too much detail about it, I moved out and am living in my own place now, which was something that I was previously unable to do, due to PTSD. That was basically the goal I had set out to do, be able to live alone, and I'm doing it. That is not to say that there isn't more progress to be made, but the essence of this goal has been accomplished.

    I also added a 3rd resolution, though I maybe didn't say it here: No Bullshit Tolerance Policy. I've been a lot more forthcoming and assertive, and I have noticed that it has made an impact on my personal relationships and brought me closer to people. Also, I don't put up with bullshit, which is of course awesome. :grin:

    Last, I'm still working on the single for which I want to make a music video. I have already envisioned how the music video will go, and have a vague plan for it, but I really need to get moving on actually making it happen. I have asked Stevo/Level 99 to help me direct it, Stevo and Tom (drummer from OCU) to appear in music video and lay down some drum tracks for the single, and my boyfriend to record bass for it and help with production. The song is entirely written and arranged, I just need to finish recording and editing the live parts, then finish up with mixing/mastering. So it's moving along.

    How are your resolutions going? Consider this post a BUMP to the thread, and a reminder to get motivated and make progress!

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