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  1. Also my favourite from the album. Played this song to a friend of mine who's in a band and didn't mention to him it was a remix, after it was over he asked which band had played this song as he wanted to listen to more. I think that about sums up.
  2. Anyone have Eric Barker's Jenova for Classical Piano .PDF still? Seems like his file isn't at the page anymore.
  3. Hooray! Congrats on finally putting it through after a year or so.
  4. Some really good remixers in there. Great song choices too guys. You can hear the original songs and see some of the remixers that have been put alongside them and you know it'll be perfect. Four more hours cannot come anytime sooner.
  5. Midnight tonight? As in Thursday midnight and not Friday? I ask merely because I'm trying to convert all this to my local time in Australia.
  6. Practically in the same boots as Mark. I've been lurking here and there at OCR for years but never bothered to really sign up and review other people's works or join in the discussion. But this tune changed it for me. Now I'm no big brass player, but I respect the sound that comes from brass and adore it when the instrument hits it right. I would also love to see a quintet perform this rendition live and just run around to see how many people have got goosebumps from it I especially love the part at the 1.30min mark where Locke's theme kicks in. Speaking of, this whole remix gave me that awesome tingly feeling that JigginJonT gave me with the muted brass section in his Anthem of Exile remix. Maybe FFVI is the best series to opt for brass remixes? Heh. Anyway keep up the good work VHD.
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