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  1. The album art looks amazing, and as soon as I've downloaded the MP3 part, I'm listening to it. I'll seed for as long as I can, the game and movie were both great, I can only hope that this album will reflect that.
  2. In the title screen when you make a new game it's called Veteran mode. I assume that if you beat the game on it you unlock a harder mode.
  3. Been playing it for a little over six hours now and I have to say the only let down in the entire game has been slight framerate skips (though that could be my imagination) and the fact that all the characteristics of a previous beam are inherited by the new one when you upgrade. I remember how fun the last boss battle of Metroid Prime 1 was because you HAD to switch the beams in the first half just to do damage. P.S. This may just be me, but I found it much easier to start the first half of the first level (the part where you're on the ship) on standard sensitivity just to ease in to the controls. Then advanced is much easier and feels better than a mouse/keyboard.
  4. What I meant is that the game is iconic and the music is just as, if not more so, than the game.
  5. Overview - All the songs I'm listing are from Bioshock because it is the embodiment of an iconic game and its music follows suit. Bioshock - Welcome to Rapture Why - Anyone who's played the Bioshock demo (and if you haven't, please do it quickly) can see why this piece (the intro as you descend in the bathysphere) is so amazing. It's the song that really embodies the game, as it's the first thing you here when you see Rapture. Bioshock - Cohen's Masterpiece Why - You hear this, and immediately you realize that it's Sander Cohen only put to sheet music. It starts softer, like Cohen first speaking to you, then grows louder and more frenzied as does his voice. It's a piece you HAVE to listen to if you enjoy solo piano music. Bioshock - Dancers on a String Why - This song feels like it represents the story of everyone in Rapture. It's sad, the melody played on a violin with the piano soft in the background, and you can almost see a once beautiful city that's crumbled into the remains before you and the citizens reduced from the once Cream of the Crop of the world to insane people spliced and muttering gibberish. All of these songs were just released today for free by 2K. I'm listening to them as I write this. They're all amazing and any fan of games should listen to them. http://www.2kgames.com/cultofrapture/home.html
  6. I don't think anyone's posted it and I think that on this site it would be especially important: Instead of charging for it and waiting for release through a music label, 2K's decided to release the Bioshock Orchestral Score on the Cult of Rapture website free of charge. They're all HERE and free of charge as MP3s. P.S. For anyone who likes piano solos, listen to "Cohen's Masterpiece" it's amazing, especially after you've played through the level.
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