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  1. Hello I just joined this forum but I have been coming to this site since the early days!! I love this site and I am very thankful RPG music lives on through this site. To the admins YOU RULE and THANK YOU for doing what you do to keep this site alive!!!!
  2. Hello I am new to the forum and I am wondering if there is a database for piano tabs for some of the nice piano remixes. I joined this forum largely because of the recent Chrono Trigger remix, Wind Scene Concert Paraphase. The remixer posted the piano tab which I am grateful but I am curious if there is a piano tab database for other outstanding remixes? Thanks
  3. Yahooo!! thank you for uploading the sheet music I am so happy, time to run to my piano....
  4. Wow, this is definitely one of best Chrono Trigger remixes on the site! Very moving and Enjoyable! Is there any way to get a piano tab for this? That would be even better!!!
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