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  1. ditto man, i didnt know about it eighter so i felt kinda like this little guy at first lol and i feel you on the sleep part, found this out at around midnight while i was falling asleep, now its 4am an dim wide awake listening to music, gonna grab a couple blank CD's tomorrow so i can have something new to listen to in the car for the next couple of month's
  2. i'm not familiar with his work cus i just started paying attention to the artist names which is a bad move on my behalf but wow, its a good sone with a nice rmx of the original track which is he didnt change to much, personally i give it a 10/10, thanks for something else to listen to while do daily stuff, even listen to some music at work and recomend friends to the site cus they like what im listening to.
  3. i loved the music and i think im gonna check out more by the artist since you said his style is orchastrated but only one problem, it seemed like the music just cut short, maybe there was a problem during the upload or something, or does it just die short like that cus it's Aerith's theme:p. lol sorry couldnt resist the corny joke but yeah, it seems like it was cut short or something. heh nevermind, was listening to one of the other songs and it happened again, all i had to do was refresh my screen and problem solved >.< gonna listen again since i can hear the whole thing now
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