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    Hey all. I'm a longtime music enthusiast--I was raised on a bizarre concoction of classical music and 60's rock--and writer who also happens to be an avid gamer. I've always been fascinated by the remix community, both as a fan and as a scholar (my undergrad degree was in communications and anthropology) and I've recently begun writing about remixing as an art form (something I hope to do on a continual basis). So yeah, great to be here. I look forward to what the future will bring.

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    I've been told I have a great performing voice ;)
  1. Maybe it's my musically psychotic upbringing, but anything that somehow manages to weave both Elfman and Ravel together (among others) already has me salivating. 'Course, I've always loved waltzes too, so that's a definite plus. Overall, I'd say this piece manages to breathe some vitality into an otherwise stolid and steadfast work. I can see some parallels to FF8's Dance with the Balamb Fish; although, to be honest, I think Valse Aeris is superior by a landfall (I love mah stereo). The increased tempo provides a jauntiness that beautifully undercuts the more somber moments. Kudos to Robs
  2. Literally. In the seven years that I've listened to the works of the OCR community this album, hands down, has to be one of my favorites. I fell in love with a number of the tracks, and, because of that, felt that I owed it to the community to give something back. Not being a musician, of course, I decided to honor you all--and this project--in my own way. So, without further adieu, here are my thoughts on what it means to remix, and why it's a wonderful thing to do: http://jarodcerf.vox.com/library/post/showing-your-roots-part-2-1.html Please let me know what you think (also if there's
  3. Now If only I could grow a third arm in order to pull that off... Hey all, first post here...figured I should start with something near and dear to my heart: This has to be one of the best One Winged Angel remixes I've heard to date. Although it's a bit short, I feel that this version captures the essence of the original without simply reinventing the wheel ('Sides, I think the compactness is part of what gave it such intensity). Just my two cents...I know, nothing massively insightful, but hey, I'm no musician, just longtime a fan:razz:
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