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  1. please...need...input badly.

    Yay or nay?

    Need better EQ?

    Need more bass?

    Need more punches in the face?

    Need more etc??

    lol i would say maybe a little more bass. I dunno if its my headphones or not (usually i listen with my sound system cuz these headphones are really shitty) but anyways if there was a bass part i couldnt tell it was there. EQ seems to be good so far.

    Keep it up!

  2. Ooooo nice pitch bending :D I was bugging the guys at the remixing forum about how to do automation clips n such lol...I got a pitch bend on my Tyrano Lair WIP, U gotta check that out.

    ANYWAYS, lets get to the point: This song is KICK ASS...I'm grooving like its 1997 and I'm listenning to the Mortal Kombat Annihilation track whilst high on coca cola :D. The beat is nice, the drums still need a BIT more of a punch methinks.

    Drums are a guitar samples...but not as bad. Its hard to get them to JUSt the right level u need for it to sound fitting in the song.

    In either case your compositional skills are like sex in a can, or Shakira trapped on an elevator with you and you both know you're going to die so u might as well have some fun.

    ^_^ good stuff David, can't wait to see you posted on OCR, frick we should collaborate some time...


    ok ill see about pumping the drums up some 'mo

    do u think the bass is high enough? i keep struggling with where to put the volume on that.

    BTW alex what program do you use? im down to collaborate on something, i just dont know how to interface between programs. If you know how tho im all for it. Either way just get in touch with be about a collaboration. Im down my friend :-P

  3. this forum needs more positive reinforcement or at least some form of encouragement...I know many of you guys think that its important to just state the facts; but its hard to want to continue when people just list the bad stuff of your song and don't know the concept is good..bla bla or I think you've got the potential just keep your chin up bla bla..I always find those handy so I like to dish em out. And I'm not trying to sugar coat anything btw, I honestly think your song is OCR material (at least close to it)

    btw...can you pwetty pweeease check out my Schala remix in the WIP forums? I'd like some feed back from a pro like you :)

    well its appreciated, and im gonna try to follow your example and do the same thing for other mixers, esp in wips.

    Also, heres the update for the killer instinct song

    i hope i brought the beef. :-P

  4. Wow you already updated the track, i cant keep up with you! i take back my comment about where the drums come in full, it sounds good. ARE YOU TELEPATHIC? that treble part is really cool, got a good 3/4 vibe to it.

    One last thing i forgot to mention is to maybe add some kind of bass track or at least some kind of string bass part to fill in that frequency.

    Good work! *checks to see if you updated it again* lol

  5. good work on this alex, i like the vocals and the rushing sound of the ocean, really good work. The update with the crisper drums is good, i would suggest maybe forwarding the point to when they come in crisp. Its cool tho the drums remind me of the movie akira :)

    also, the pan effect on the drums is cool, but is somewhat distracting. I would suggest having the pan effect come in at key times instead of a constant effect.

    One last thing, i might suggest that you use more than a bass drum and snare, maybe bring in some more treble esque percussion. Totally a composition choice, but it might not hurt :)

    cant wait to hear more!

  6. ok thanks for the input guys ill see if i cant inject some hamburger helper into this mix.

    1. definitely get the point about the guitars, ill see about replacing them with live recording (probably lose the echo too). Could use a lot more bass and less treble. Ill see about triple layering them too. Plus not sure about using that rhythm as the intro.

    2. Gonna change out the intro synth with something more primitive and low quality, and not gonna have bass at all. I want to go for a 16 bit lofi feel i think. The style im going for is that it starts out like you would hear the original game track being played. If you have the original game for snes the music is nowhere near the quality of the master track i posted. The idea is to hear a crappy synth and then all of a sudden be suprised with high quality sounds.

    3. skrypnyk, its kinda funny because i actually had the bass turned up but listening on my sound system it seemed overkill so i turned it down. You know what helped me tho, was actually listening to your chrono trigger skala mix. The bass is really defined. A problem i often have is that when i use a bass line, the sound is lopsided at different frequencies. I.E. a C note could be a lot louder than a lower A. im not really sure how to fix that, but ill turn it up.

    4. I think i can change that snare problem by increasing the velocity

    5. gonna take out that fake "supermodel mix" off the end

    6. thank you for the kind works alex, positive reinforcement really gets me motivated :)

    7. show me the BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEFCAAAAAAAKE!!! with chicken frosting.

  7. Ok so i know i havent finished my god of war remix yet but i got the idea for this song and had to roll with it.

    The name of the original is "the instinct" which is the opening theme for the snes title.

    Now the music from the game is primitive at best, but theres a cover of the source thats really clean and here it is:

    and here is my remix, which i am gonna call "Gut Instinct".

    by the way, attached to the end of the track after a few seconds of silence, theres this funny little extra bit i just had to include. Its not gonna be on the final mix at all, but i had to include it because it makes me laugh and think of some runway model show. think beegees meets dirty vegas lol


  8. so far so good, i would turn down that fast hi hat you have, and center the volume, as its predominantly to the right and kind of a distraction to the piece. I would also make it sound more treble. What program are you using? i might be able to help you if ure using reason. Also, i would turn up the main synths of the peice and give them a little more treble. You might also want to think about spicing up the beat a little. I know its easy to lay a loop and have it feel complete, but it never hurts to really give life to the drum track with some crescendos and decrescendos. definitely a good starting point

  9. i think this song has potential and i like where its going as well. In fact, i think i had just the type of thing it needs. It needs some type of driving drumbeat to go with it and maybe dj style mixing and even scratching. I would also suggest counter melodies, and a baseline to go with it. It may not be what your going for, but i think it would add another dimension to it.

    I have to agree with goten, the sound effects in the beginning seem misplaced without some type of intro. Maybe have the theme playing in bits and peices there so it is not that revealing untiil you really kick into it. It kinda goes nowhere and then all of a sudden wow! main theme lol but good job so far.

    heres the drumbeat i was talking about, feel to use it or something like it if you want

    you should be able to play it concurrently with the song if you match it up right

  10. ok guys, i updated the song, unfortunately still not able to do the guitar parts yet.

    I remastered all of the volumes so hopefully no one experiences any EQ problems... though knowing me i probably made it worse :\

    It didn't go over the audio clipper in reason so it should be in the clear.

    Also, the new movement towards the end will most likely be a build point for a later part of the song, so expect some re arranging.

    Enjoy! :)

    Davidicus - God of War: Main Theme (Version 1.3)

  11. Aww, had an introduction all typed out and page doesn't load. I'll type up a summed up version, then.

    If you feel like acquainting yourself with any of my music, it's all on my webpage, which is linked through this profile, or if you're lazy, click here.

    Edit: And God, I'm having a tough time trying to get used to having the newest posts be at the top of the first page, as opposed to the bottom of the last.

    Ibby i just went to your webpage and saw your setup for recording guitar and let me say thank you! :) i have been trying to figure out what type of equipment i need to mic my guitar rather than porting it through a pedal straight to the computer (which is terrible quality)

    Ibby if i remember correctly all you need to do is change the preferences in your user control panel.

  12. Butoden your main problem with this song is how things mesh in all aspects.

    First of all i definitely can recognize the clash between your chord usage and your melody. In other words, the notes are not correct. One way or another, you have to decide on a key, because right now it seems like arbitrary chromatic note usage.

    Unfortunately a lot of chord studying might need to be taken into account for this mix to make theoretical sense. That doesnt mean its completely lost, it just means you need to carefully examine where and how you use notes.

    Production-wise, the beat could come out a little more.

    Keep it up, practice will only make you better :)

  13. Nice work. Changes worked well.

    As a pure dnb tune this is definitely good (even though I still think you are going overboard on the snares, but maybe it's just your preference, in which case I can't judge). As an ocremix, I don't know. I say, run it by a judge to see what they think about it arrangement-wise. It's a strong genre adaptation, but as you know, they are arrangement-lovers over here.

    Still, I am sure you can make those drums sound better.

    i have to disagree with the snares. i think they have the right amount of punch.

    Sir can i just say you are a master of percussion? holy freakin cow! I think the drums are executed perfectly! Got the right amount of grunge and clarity.

    And as far as composition goes, i realize the initial melody does not change very much, but neither does the soundtrack in the game! and besides you dress the sound amazingly with percussion.

    Lets not forget Red Alert 2 did not have much music, and was not even close to being a predominant part of gameplay.

    My only gripe would be to maybe make the melody more interesting.

    This song makes me want to get in an hour long dragon ballz fight.

    Hmm. lets see... its definitely overclocked...

    its definitely remixed....

    ID say it belongs here!!!

  14. Yeah they instantly rejected some of my crap when the volume was too loud. It's called clipping so says Liontamer btw :P, it earns an instant rejection of it clips so reduce that EQ dood. Otherwise its super solid :D
    This is definitely pretty up there on the epic scale, but I do have to point out that your mix is a little bit on the loud side, enough so that I was getting awful little scratchy popping noises when listening to it, even with the volume turned down. You should probably lower the master volume a tad.

    Otherwise, I definitely want to see this one finished. Your opening orchestral bits sound a bit mechanical, so you may want to play with the timing a bit so they sound a bit less perfectly on-time and a bit more human. Once the electronic beat comes in, however, it's no longer noticeable amongst the precise rhythms of the beat and synths, so you don't really need to worry about it past about 0:40 or so.

    thanks for the heads up guys! yea reason has a build in clipper and it shows if it ever goes into the red and im notorious for not paying attention to that. Ill definitely make sure to go through the whole track and get the volumes to the right place.

    Omicron i have to be honest i have no idea how to make the strings sound more organic. If someone could give me some advice or even recommend a program, i think i need to find another source for producing authentic sounds because i am realizing that reason is less and less the best means to create symphonic sounds. OR if you know some tricks to reason that would be freakin great! lol i use strings soo much and i will be the first to admit i need help in that department.

    Thanks again guys!!

  15. Always thought this was the best track from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It's a remix of the Windmill Hut track, and it's made in 3/4th time (except for the beginning).

    I don't plan on submitting this to OCR anytime soon, if ever at all. Really looking for some feedback and what I should do next. I'm thinking about adding in some rain and/or lightning. Good idea?, and if so, where do you think it would fit best?

    You can find the song here.

    i cant imagine why you wouldnt think of submitting this dude this is a really good concept! probably one of my fav mixes!

    heres what i suggest

    maybe in thunder in reverse would sound cool as a lead into your 3/4 beat.

    also something to think about, i really like the 3/4 mix, but i think after you do it in 3/4 for a couple measures you should go back to 4/4 because i wanted so bad in the song for it to go back to 4/4. Just as a personal preference i think the melody is best fit to 4/4. If you did this song would be a knock out! Also it needs some bass and counter melodies but percussion mostly very good.

    Maybe some kind of music box sounding synth to back it up?

    good job :)

  16. very seamless ethereal sounds, very zen-like in a dark way.

    The production quality is very good.

    I think the only thing that i am not sure about is the drum beat composition. First i would say that when the synths start to build, it would be good to start the percussion up as well before the actual beat, as a kind of primer, even if its just a reverse cymbal effect or something. Also i would say that it feels like the drum beat comes in either too early or too late, in the middle of a musical phrase

    other than that its sounding really good.

  17. hey chipp, you got me thinking about something.

    if any of you wanna show some "judge love" (apparently the few of you that there are), try thinking of some ideas that could benefit the site, or maybe make their life easier. I dunno or just be creative.

    Maybe if your good with photoshop make a cool banner to post on other websites, or come up with some type of remix anthem for OCR that can be used for promoting OCR

    How bout a desktop wallpaper with some ocr goodness?

    Or if not, participate in the review roulette every once in a while and review songs or pick a random game youve never heard of that you wouldnt ever consider and give it a chance.

    What the judges would probably appreciate is some community proactiveness even if not everything can be used.

    They put in a lot of time, show some "love" by investing some of your own

  18. Don't do it,

    1. Those insterested in getting the blog usually already have a blog on googlepages, blogspot or elsewhere, and have it linked in their forum profile.

    2. Subtle popularity contests and jealously may arise when certin remixers' blogs get more attention and comments.

    3. It'd add unnecessary maintenance (look to number 1) and clutter to OCR.

    4. It's depressing to see no comments on blogs and unless the blog gets considerable visible attention, it'd most likely be abandoned by the author.

    5. What my sig says. Adding a function to something because it'd be "cool" is not a valid reason to do it. If blogs take on a major role then the focus of OCR may shift from the music to the image of the artists, like it is on myspace and almost every other music site. We do not want or need our washing machine to do toast.

    That's about it, don't want to start an argument or anything, I'm just saying all the reasons why I feel OCR blogs are a bad idea, take it or leave it.

    amen brother!!