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  1. i think the ambient noise is somewhat important to this track, because a lot of tomb raider was walking through very mysterious environments, which is what made the game so fun.

    Also, i really like the flute part which is rich in tone and though simplistic, is well fit.

    To me i think imagery of a song is always important.

    The first thing i thought of listening to this song was Ms. stunning Lara Croft walking carefully through a cave opening, gun poised for action, ready to jump through some crazy trap.

    All in all, nicely done.

  2. to be honest listening to this track made me wanna go play halo. I totally loved it. Yea its slow, but its grand and sweeping, just like the game which has giant environment and durastic/epic proportions, which the music reflects accurately. Kudos, it definitely painted an image of master chief running through the story.

    As a technical note, i have to agree with the writeup in that the brass is lacking, BUT having said that, i dont think its the composers fault. If someone out there has a program that can actually MAKE synth horns sound good, then number one its worth its weight in GOLD and number two PLEASE LINK IT FOR THE REST OF US! lol