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  1. Loved your Globes DoD remix, you gotta do more!

    I dig that song's soft style :D

  2. Ok, to start off, if I could get only ONE remix like this in 10 years, I would still be happy. I think I've listened to it at least 2 hours in the last 3 days XD The vocals, solos, background, simply everything is made out of pure pwnage. Personally though, I would have ended the song with: "...do the same damn thing again!" I still like the baroque style ending but I think it would have given more power to the sentence to end the song that way Like others said, you could definately use that smexy voice of yours in your future songs Just can't wait in 4 years when you'll release a new song so minutiously polished as this one, hope it's sooner though Keep up the good work, and the funny lyrics! XD
  3. The only thing to hate about this remix is its name XD But everyone agrees, it's just so evilly good, so who cares XD
  4. Who cares about snow? This mix is sure to blow minds and for over than a year. Even if you've never played Snow Bros. like me, this remix is just so sentimental and beautifully arranged that not listening to it at least once is a mistake. It totally deserved that DoD first place of the month Just amazing work, house.
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