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  1. The whole voxel-based everything-is-destructible concept sounds like it could be fun, but at this stage it kind of seems like another Guild Wars 2 level promising of more than they can fulfil. Hasn't almost every recent MMO promised that the worlds will grow and changed based on the players? Haven't all of them pretty much entirely failed to deliver?

    I remain skeptical for now.

  2. The problem with English dubs is not necessarily that the actors are bad but that for some absurd reason there seems to be this tendency to try and mimic the same sort of pacing and inflections as the Japanese actors use which doesn't even remotely work in English so we end with something that sounds atrocious.

    If they just tried to sound like they were speaking English it might work better.

  3. loldubs

    No seriously. The only semi-decent English dub I can remember seeing was Fullmetal Alchemist.


    Guess what. I do.

  4. The server's using Bukkit with some plugins to nerf some of the more annoying elements and to make creative builds a lot more interesting. I've been trying to avoid adding anything that would change the nature of the game itself. Plus, it's better to limit the number of plugins in general for the sake of stability.

    I can understand that. But just as a side note, most of those mod packs are built and maintained to be pretty stable without any internal conflicts or issues. They're also pretty good for creative building since they add in so many new materials, biomes, and aesthetic things, while also allow the creation of decorations like half and quarter blocks or panels and covers.

    Sure they do change the nature of the game a bit, but it's still pretty much the same at the core, just with far more new features.

  5. Has any thought ever been put into adding in something like Tekkit, Voltz or Feed the Beast? Or running a smaller server with them?

    I imagine a competitive Voltz server could be quite entertaining and the others bring so much to the game that it's sometimes hard to go back to playing vanilla these days.

  6. How so?

    Alternately: worth it for the first 3/4?

    I would say yes but the last quarter is reaaaaaaaaaaaally boring. Oh and the entire show is more about quoting western literature at you than demonstrating it.


    Noted. I haven't seen Railgun yet, so I don't know how that spinoff is compared to Index. But considering it's (apparently) focusing on one of the more interesting side characters from Index, there's some hope in my mind.

    Railgun is better. Much better.

  7. A friend pointed me toward this. I haven't gotten to it, but it sounds interesting. How did you guys like it?

    It was decent for about the first three-quarters and then the rest kind of went to shit.

  8. So...... it looks like they are going for anther season of Ghost in the Shell.

    It will supposedly be a four episode OVA rather than an entire new series. Could be good, could be terribad.

  9. One word: banter.

    I only rarely watch LPs and they're always the kind which come with multiple people playing. Heck, half the time I don't actually watch the video and just listen in the background while doing something else. It's listening to people being incredibly stupid or screwing around much in the way of a rather informal podcast that gives LPs any sort of draw for me.

    Other reasons I've heard people cite include loneliness and a desire for companionship like you're playing games with a bro or something. I just want the entertainment.

    Otherwise I'll just, y'know, play the game myself.

  10. I played in the closed beta and enjoyed it a lot so now that it's f2p I guess there's a small chance I'll hop back on if I find myself not too busy! GW2 has started to feel a little stale outside of holiday events for me.

  11. So I released an eight track album of some kind under one of my millions of pseudonyms which you can find here:



    Point L4 is an eight track album that forms a small corner of a much larger work. Paradigm is a multimedia project, spanning multiple albums in a range of styles and genres, all tied together by a single broad theme. Paradigm is a digital universe, a hypothetical MMORPG if you will. Within the world there are multiple areas, each allocated by genre, from futuristic science fiction to medieval fantasy and everything in between.

    Point L4 is one of these areas, an enormous construct built within a larger area designated as 'outer space'.

    Imagine a bustling intergalactic hub, beings of all shapes and sizes clad in a variety of futuristic gear, traversing shifting walkways as they weave between sentient androids, holograms and barriers of light. Through the immense windows, a million stars illuminate the vast emptiness of space, broken by the occasional field of asteroids and fleet of starships departing from one of the many docks.

    This album was written with the sole purpose of telling a story, of recreating the atmosphere of Point L4, from the rapid space elevator transit systems to the jovial conversation of inhabitants and the high-speed, high-tension starship races and battles.

    The link again:


    It's not like I want you to listen to it or anything... b-b-baka.

  12. So, I just found out that "Girls und Panzer", a title I'd heard of but knew nothing else about, is literally about schoolgirls crewing tanks.

    What the entire fuck, Japan?

    Best show of the season. Japan truly has a way with ingenious ideas.

    No sarcasm. It genuinely is the best show of the season, closely tied with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

  13. You, me, and the hundreds of people who've visited my blog this season.

    As much as I hate to admit it since I'm not a big fan of SAO, particularly in this current arc...


    SAO is pretty easily the most popular anime of the past couple of seasons, especially when you take how well it sold into account. A pity about the substandard writing.

    In terms of anime, I haven't been watching anything recently except Gundam Age (which ended a while ago, but I've still only watched the first third-ish). It's quite terrible, but I'm watching it anyway because I hate myself, apparently.

    I agree, I couldn't get past the first few episodes with their ridiculous requirements for suspension of disbelief. Normally I'm good with that.

  14. When talking about Saya no Uta you should probably mention Urobuchi Gen since he's the mind behind the plot. All of his works are somewhat similar in nature (Fate/Zero, Madoka Magica may be familiar) and he's doing PSYCHO-PASS this season. Unfortunately his writing is somewhat predictably melodramatic nowdays and it can be easy to get weary of since it's constantly the same cycle of overdramatics.

    If you're interested in a detailed breakdown of most of what's airing next season.

    Also the answer to the thing I posted last time that I completely forgot to post earlier.

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