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    Joe is an up and coming young composer for media based in the United Kingdom. He is currently the founder and owner of Radiant Moon Audio Ltd, specialising in music composition for film, television and video games. Working from his studio in North Wales, Joe is constantly writing new and unique music in a vast range of genres. His characteristic sound features a blend of wondrous orchestral and choral scoring, enhanced with aspects of rock, folk and electronic music.

    In addition to composing, Joe also works in Sound Design on occasion, often including interesting sounds he created or recorded in his music. With almost ten years of academic training in music, and many more spent studying a range of techniques independent of formal education, Joe is an avid performer, having played in many situations, from orchestra to small folk bands. This immersion in music has contributed greatly to his musical development and style.

    Over the past few years, Joe has been commissioned to write music for numerous projects of different size and scope. These have ranged from simple student films, scores for orchestral performances and underscoring for a play to independent video games for the Xbox Live Arcade, iPhone and Personal Computer.

    When not composing, Joe can usually be found reading, writing or playing video games. Other hobbies include mythology, playing the flute or piano in a variety of instrumental groups and collecting a variety of oddities from Japanese video game memorabilia to items and musical instruments of cultural significance around the world. Joe believes in maintaining a strong internet presence and is a proud member of the Game Audio Network Guild, amongst other social networks.
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    Joe Griffith
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    Media Composer

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  1. The whole voxel-based everything-is-destructible concept sounds like it could be fun, but at this stage it kind of seems like another Guild Wars 2 level promising of more than they can fulfil. Hasn't almost every recent MMO promised that the worlds will grow and changed based on the players? Haven't all of them pretty much entirely failed to deliver? I remain skeptical for now.
  2. In development since 2010. I predict release in 2016!
  3. Wow, Escaflowne, now that brings back memories! You certainly did the piece justice with that piano rendition!
  4. I'm still trying to decide if this is sarcastic or not.
  5. The problem with English dubs is not necessarily that the actors are bad but that for some absurd reason there seems to be this tendency to try and mimic the same sort of pacing and inflections as the Japanese actors use which doesn't even remotely work in English so we end with something that sounds atrocious. If they just tried to sound like they were speaking English it might work better.
  6. loldubs No seriously. The only semi-decent English dub I can remember seeing was Fullmetal Alchemist. inb4 YOU ONLY THINK THAT BECAUSE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND JAPANESE Guess what. I do.
  7. I can understand that. But just as a side note, most of those mod packs are built and maintained to be pretty stable without any internal conflicts or issues. They're also pretty good for creative building since they add in so many new materials, biomes, and aesthetic things, while also allow the creation of decorations like half and quarter blocks or panels and covers. Sure they do change the nature of the game a bit, but it's still pretty much the same at the core, just with far more new features.
  8. Has any thought ever been put into adding in something like Tekkit, Voltz or Feed the Beast? Or running a smaller server with them? I imagine a competitive Voltz server could be quite entertaining and the others bring so much to the game that it's sometimes hard to go back to playing vanilla these days.
  9. I would say yes but the last quarter is reaaaaaaaaaaaally boring. Oh and the entire show is more about quoting western literature at you than demonstrating it. Literally. Railgun is better. Much better.
  10. It was decent for about the first three-quarters and then the rest kind of went to shit.
  11. You say that like you expected something classified as parody to be dignified.
  12. Reading this thread kind of makes me wonder just what you people were expecting from anime.
  13. Guys guys guys Versus won't be on PS4 because that would mean actually releasing a new Final Fantasy game where the focus isn't on Lightning.
  14. It will supposedly be a four episode OVA rather than an entire new series. Could be good, could be terribad.
  15. One word: banter. I only rarely watch LPs and they're always the kind which come with multiple people playing. Heck, half the time I don't actually watch the video and just listen in the background while doing something else. It's listening to people being incredibly stupid or screwing around much in the way of a rather informal podcast that gives LPs any sort of draw for me. Other reasons I've heard people cite include loneliness and a desire for companionship like you're playing games with a bro or something. I just want the entertainment. Otherwise I'll just, y'know, play the game myself.
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