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  1. Brushfire

    A sad Telltale...

  2. Brushfire

    OCR Twitch Guidelines Clarification

    Id imagine since you arent getting sub money, it'd be fine. I dunno though. VGDJ and OCAD were like 20 years ago, and times change.
  3. Brushfire

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    Who could forget you? You are the sexy percussionist from the future!
  4. Brushfire

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    @Level 99 started up a ranch community in Black Rock Cave, Texas. Ole @Vilecat moved out there too. People say on soft, breezy night, you can still hear his beard rustling on the wind, saying sweet words and slurping poutine. @Epicenter stopped visiting as soon as they made robot wives effective and affordable.
  5. Brushfire

    Team Fortress 2

    Hey you guys should make me a TF2 Mod again.
  6. Brushfire

    Has Anybody Here Quit Playing Video Games?

    It isn't easy balancing school, work, fanfiction podcasting, and a lovelife, but I somehow manage to fit in eight hours of gaming in a day.
  7. Brushfire

    Nintendo Switch

    2 to 6 hours of battery. That is not great.
  8. Brushfire


  9. Brushfire

    Titanfall 2

    Currently playing it for the Nerdyshow Network twitch stream. It is a lot of really cool moments, cheesy writing, great level design, and fun firefights. I am 50% in love.
  10. Brushfire


    NB4 BAN Now Fanart:
  11. Brushfire

    Nintendo Switch

  12. Brushfire

    Nintendo Switch

    How long is it's battery life too. Also how hot does it run? ALSO:
  13. Brushfire


    Daddy DS said no. They wouldve been clothed.
  14. Brushfire


    Can I post Overwatch butts?
  15. Brushfire

    MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

    Will not be going. Didnt have fun at the previous Mag, and it is getting harder and harder to justify going there. Dont wanna pay 700 dollars to be grumbly for three days.