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  1. Yeah, this stuff was slapped together this morning, since I'm trying a different method of recording the guitars. I used it on a few of the songs and made these versions so far. The mixing and such will take place later after I finish the SRB2 soundtrack.
  2. If you remember us from about a year ago, we apologise. Yeah, it wasn't very good, but we've learned a bit since then. With that in mind, we present you with a few covers. Keep in mind that they're still WIPs, we appreciate any feedback and scorn lack of constructive criticism. http://ezb.slx-35.net/music/Corneria.mp3 http://ezb.slx-35.net/music/TargetDetected.mp3 http://ezb.slx-35.net/music/projects/vectorman/TidalSurge.mp3 http://ezb.slx-35.net/music/projects/tyrian/Tyrian-TheRevival.mp3
  3. I like the 7-stringed version, but I've always been a sucker for low tunings. It can give you more room to work around in.
  4. I can give it a whirl. On the vox. What do you need to try out?
  5. We'll take Andross, and what the hell, Sim City too.
  6. The riffs are cool, but it's a little low quality sounding for me. Could possibly just be the speakers here, but record directly through the amp. Also, check the tuning on your guitar by harmonics, cos it has a little bit of that wah. If you don't know how, PM us and I'll tell you. It's pretty cool, though. -- Shane
  7. Thanks, what are you listening to the song on? Surround sound system? Since these songs are only demos, we still have plenty of room to rework, I'll have Axel post the original so you can hear and compare later. -- Shane
  8. We'll take you up on it. You think an acoustic medley would work out for you? -- Shane
  9. Please check out some of our posted remixes on ZeBOX and rate? http://www.zebox.com/electriczerobit/ Any suggestions or comments appreciated. -- Shane
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