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  1. Hey guys, Jeremy and I are excited to be a part of this project. I've made progress on the Overture but am not comfortable releasing a demo yet. I will soon-ish. -Derek
  2. I always loved this piece and I listen to it frequently. Really fantastic job Rexy. -Derek
  3. Ugh, sampling trumpets is the bane of my existence

  4. August 2015 Update: I haven't updated for awhile but I'm continuing the work on the piece, it's coming along. I hope to update you all more on the specifics soon. -Derek
  5. For all we know, VI might be next :) This is exciting though, I'm very happy to hear this. It's about freakin' time.
  6. All hail the jazz flute!! Yeah, everything that Joe touched on this album was gold. Glad to see this posted.
  7. Hello, Jeremy definitely writes some awesome string lines and sometimes you don't even hear them. I'm posting this string demo because this section will be overtaken by the brass and I thought you would all like to hear it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ijwof4cvhehkrd/falconstringdemo02.mp3?dl=0 Enjoy. -Derek
  8. Hello, Update 04/28/2015 I've got another minute or so sampled, it's coming along quite nicely. The strings are sounding very nice especially. I'm still working on the timing of the legato horns in the beginning. I can't seem to get it perfect like I want it. Thanks for your continued support and I will be posting another demo soon. Regards, -Derek-
  9. Thank you, Yes it will be based off of that title and with the same name. Jeremy and I will be adding/changing a few things. Adding some solo instrumentalists, redoing some progressions, changing what instruments do what and where, etc. -Derek
  10. Hello Friends, Well it's been awhile since my last update but I wanted to let you all know that I've purchased a new DAW and am back to work on this amazing piece of music. I have the first demo I'd like to share with you. Please feel free to comment, suggest, anything you wish. Thanks for listening, -Derek https://www.dropbox.com/s/qun5uvl6292qbz1/falcondemo02.mp3?dl=0
  11. It's awesome to see this posted finally. I hope everyone enjoys it. Thank you OCR. -Derek
  12. Exciting news, I just ordered my new DAW (I'll post picturies when I receive it and put it together) This new machine will allow me to orchestrate everything live, with a full orchestral pallet. I'm so pumped about this, looking forward to what I'll be able to create with it. Falcon, Whale will resume soon!!!
  13. I enjoyed this. Orchestration good, really good mixing considering EWQL Gold 16 bit samples (nice string runs). I liked the choir also, EWQL Symphonic/VOTA? -Derek
  14. Okay so this week I'm still working on violins (tricky tricky tricky) On a good note my friend and fellow musician Joe Zieja (XPRTNovice) has recorded the clarinet passages for Falcon and they sound great. I'm now mastering them and entering them into the mix. Thank you Joe! -Derek
  15. I liked the dynamics. The break down in the middle of the piece was beautiful. I agree with the judges that the brass and string samples sounded a bit "synthy" and a tad repetitive with the percussion; But overall a win. The style felt like a movie trailer so if that is what you're going for then you did well. Welcome to OCR and thank you for this piece. I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. -Derek
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