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  1. Feel like helping me make a song...

    Like if I send you the song can you screw with it using a DAW and send it back?

  2. Hey, how's your snake man remix going? I didn't have any real input to give, but so far I like it and I can't wait to hear it when it's finished.

  3. I hope it's not too late to start work on "mallow finds out he's not a tadpole" remix

  4. I wish I still had a computer to do that.

    Midi's are actually how I learned a lot of songs back in the day.

  5. If I get a camera with better sound I could show you some open mic shit... there's a few video's on my youtube of me playing piano and one with an ocarina thrown in. But these aren't the greatest performances... sigh.

    Loved the song you made.

  6. meh... I'm making some headway using the "echo effect" from the old days of Harpsichords and no piano's on the Wily stage 2 track [i know, one of the most overdone songs for megaman on this site... but it's a great song]. Also I've been messing with a weird swing beat version of the song.

    Tonight I shall play it at open mic. I'll try to get someone to record me so I can show it to ya... or I could just record it on my piano and upload it at some point. Thanks.

    How're your songs workin' out?

  7. musictheory.net

    Go to your local library and check out books on music theory also.

  8. One thing in Unseal I noticed is that it's very very close to what's played in the game but it uses rock band instruments and incorporates a style closer to rock e.g. The arpeggios in "credits" at the beginning of Lttp are 1st, 5th, then a 3rd+5th an octave higher [which is actually the same in "Dearly beloved"] for the first chord [C]. But in "unseal" it sounds a lot like it's just strummed on a guitar as a 1st and 5th repetitively, as many rock bands tend to do.

    the sound quality and mixing are pretty insane. But really all I meant by something like "unseal" but piano was to just do all the songs in order.

    I'm actually no longer a student. But I can always go back to school and check that out. What's TCG? Also thanks for the feedback

  9. Snakeman's song was the first video game song I learned actually and 3 has the most music I know from any specific game. I'm actually thinking of making a piano arrange medley of the entire game similar to "unseal" [ http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02900 ] which is a medley of Zelda Lttp.

    I need to get into those programs. I've never actually used anything like that. I just record from my piano, but it would be nice to not have to worry about timing as me. What are you working on now?

    Which ones were far fetch [guessing, topman is one of them].

  10. Thanks. I recently printed out Sparkmans theme on sheet music. I'm having trouble finding sheets for magnetman and shadowman [which is odd, cause that's one of the more popular songs from mm3]. And my empty sheet books from when I was a kid are mia [sigh... plus I sure as shit don't play by ear... sigh...]. Thanks for the advice it's fairly useful.

    Do you have any mixes on here?

  11. Uh... as far as books I can't think of any examples offhand. Just that I skim through it and look at the table of contents and make sure it's not just something teaching me how to read music, all the incarnations of major and minor scales, and the difference between a whole, half, 4th, 8th, 16th and so forth note.

    Cause some books on music theory assume you know nothing and teach some extremely basic stuff that wont be too useful for song writing. Sorry I can't mention anything offhand it's been a while since I read one.

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