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  1. A bit segmented musically, but overall some really unique ideas and sounds. I love glitch stuff, so good work, especially that crazy piano
  2. I have been trying lately to really get a dance-orientated breaks feel going. I think this isnt a bad result. Lemme Know what you all think : ) http://soundcloud.com/bigmowth/piece-of-a-mind
  3. Lemme know if yall like this, or if it sucks ; ) http://soundcloud.com/bigmowth/lady-gaga-feat-beyonce-telephone-paul-rosenthal-breaks-remix
  4. Alright Flexstyle, I made some changes. I think youll find this much better. http://soundcloud.com/bigmowth/turbine ( same link as at top)
  5. This is my first attempt at this stuff, but I wouldnt say its too shabby. What Do you guys think? Any sort of Mastering tips anyone wants to give? Even if you dont want to comment, thanks for listening! http://soundcloud.com/bigmowth/turbine Oh and any sort of pops or clicks in the piece are caused by the player in Soundcloud, I checked my file and they arent happening in the wav.
  6. Gem Tower Defence is a great one. The game is a little randomized in terms of what you get, and there are a ton of upgrade options, so each game is still entertaining.
  7. If the kick had some more high or mid sounds with it (hats or something) then the whole song would get a lot more punch. Excellent work, however:-D
  8. Yea those notes were intentional, sorry it bothers you : ) Well I changed the bitrate to 192, added some master compression, and submitted! So thanks guys, and hopefully itll pass
  9. I think the you need to turn down some mids and lows on the snare, but it may also be the level of the bass helping to give the snare that quality. If you are going to stick with the trumpet patch, I highly recommend getting a live player, or you can change it to some warm sounding synth.
  10. Thats a pretty weak brass sample at 1:35, especially if you want it to try to build up to that giant crash at 1:51. Try to get a fuller sounding lead or something so that you can build the energy through that section.
  11. 3:30 needs a lot more going on for a transition to be more effective, right now from around like 3:10 to 3:30 you really start to notice the fact that the same couple instruments are carrying the whole song. Also, try to add a little more stuff to add least give a little movement in terms of dynamics. Little crescendos to go over the top of the relatively flat dynamic of the piece will give it a lot more motion.
  12. BIG UPDATE! Ive also compressed the file size down to fit the 6 MB limit. Do you think this is ready for submission? http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=With+These+Hands.mp3
  13. Update! Still not finished, but filled out some parts, made some sounds more interesting, and added some more material. http://musichostr.com/music/51/
  14. thanks guys:-D I'm fixing a couple of those issues right now, but will be leaving shortly for college orientation for a few days. I still would appreciate any feedback between now and Saturday, though
  15. Hey guys, Ive been working on this Shatterhand remix a couple days, and I think its pretty decent so far. I still have a couple more sections to write and some mastering to do. Although I have widened the sound scape some already, I know I have some eq and panning specifically that I need to address. Is there anything in particular you guys would suggest I fix so far? And is my arranging good enough? thanks a lot guys! BIG Update! http://ocrwip.fireslash.net/?action=single&f=With+These+Hands.mp3 Source tunes:
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