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  1. I really enjoyed this song…great work!
  2. Looks nice and tranquil with the plants. The pic is great for a nice head rush too.
  3. Hi Daniel, I was in a similar situation several years ago. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but needed some fairly decent orchestral sounds for a project I was working on. My preference was a VST plug-in, so I ended up narrowing my choices down to GPO and MOTU Symphonic Instrument (both were below 300). BTW…I believe GPO will still work as a VST plug-in. I liked both, but felt the MOTU sounds were a little more realistic when demoing the product, so I went with that one. The results of the project were decent, but looking back, I honestly wish I would have just saved a little lon
  4. It's really cool seeing some of the studios many of you work in. It also makes me appreciate the talent of this community all the more when I hear the work coming out of these environments. Here's the most recent picture I have of my current studio setup. It used to look far more impressive when I was using hardware synths (in the mid 90's\early 00's), but after I sold it all and went virtual several years ago, this is pretty much what it looks like now: I know, I know...it isn't pretty, but hey...It's not about the gear, but the ear right? Steve http://www.northsounds.com
  5. I've been a big fan of this community for several years, and finally decided post one of my songs after a great deal of "lurking" so to speak. I realize I'm not at the level many of you are, but hope some of you will enjoy it anyway. This is the first track off of an album I did last year called "Pixels in Paradox" (a video game tribute album). The track itself is called "Break Away". I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed many of your works over the years! Steve http://www.northsounds.com/
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