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  1. I really enjoyed this song…great work!
  2. Looks nice and tranquil with the plants. The pic is great for a nice head rush too.
  3. Hi Daniel, I was in a similar situation several years ago. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but needed some fairly decent orchestral sounds for a project I was working on. My preference was a VST plug-in, so I ended up narrowing my choices down to GPO and MOTU Symphonic Instrument (both were below 300). BTW…I believe GPO will still work as a VST plug-in. I liked both, but felt the MOTU sounds were a little more realistic when demoing the product, so I went with that one. The results of the project were decent, but looking back, I honestly wish I would have just saved a little longer and picked up East West Symphonic Gold or something similar. I hope this helps some. Steve
  4. It's really cool seeing some of the studios many of you work in. It also makes me appreciate the talent of this community all the more when I hear the work coming out of these environments. Here's the most recent picture I have of my current studio setup. It used to look far more impressive when I was using hardware synths (in the mid 90's\early 00's), but after I sold it all and went virtual several years ago, this is pretty much what it looks like now: I know, I isn't pretty, but hey...It's not about the gear, but the ear right? Steve
  5. I've been a big fan of this community for several years, and finally decided post one of my songs after a great deal of "lurking" so to speak. I realize I'm not at the level many of you are, but hope some of you will enjoy it anyway. This is the first track off of an album I did last year called "Pixels in Paradox" (a video game tribute album). The track itself is called "Break Away". I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed many of your works over the years! Steve