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Rudra No Hihou - Battle of the last enemy - All four tracks


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Greetings to all!

I was just hoping to ask if someone could do a remix of the four final boss themes from Rudra No Hihou (Treasure of The Rudras).

I've always thought they would be a good candidate for mixing together into one big and rather dramatic compilation.
The tracks are titled as follows: In The Mirror, Damned, Evolution, Final Conflict.

I have a complete OST video here, I figure one link is better than four and perhaps it may also spark inspiration from the other tracks aswell?

 The four tracks in particular begin at time index [63:56].

As for style, Well I'm not really sure what style fits this most perfectly but I am a fan of metal mixes with a particular fondness for power metal, Though I have enjoyed orchestral aswell, I believe both styles would fit this well, though I'm not picky at all. I'd just be happy to see one of my favorite games get some love and attention.

Many thanks in advance! :D

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I'm not a musician or remixer but I strongly support the idea of someone doing a remix of these last battle tracks together. I think it would fit all very well in a consistent way, similar to how Dancing Mad from FF6 fits with its 4 parts. Same for the 2-parts ending. H*ck, a full tribute to this incredible game's soundtrack would be more than worth! It's a pity I can't help with this.

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Old thread, but just been checking the "remix requests" just in case there more of these 90s obscure JRPGs or other games I love so much.

If you are still there, or anyone else is interested, this might fit more or less what you wanted:

The full album is totally recommended, but it's a somewhat obscure project covering a rather obscure soundtrack, so good luck finding it other than that guy in Youtube.

I'd love to try arranging something from that OST someday too.

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Well that was unexpected!

Way to keep the flame alive mate, I'd given up hope to be honest!
Thank you for the post, and if you do end up arranging something, please ping me! I love the Rudras soundtrack perhaps a little too much. :P


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Wow! We don't see huge fans of such an obscure game everyday. This game and its soundtrack are sooo important for me... it's a matter of time I'll try to do something serious with it. Heck, if I had the time and the skill, I'd happily do a full tribute album with at least 10 or more tracks! Because I love it so much...

Anyways, I'll tell you (whether MP or posting on tihs thread) whenever I finally dare to make something. In the meanwhile, you can search on the net for that album, "Chrysoprasos" by "Unions Jade", which has a bunch of covers all from that game and it's all good quality stuff. There's also "Februa" by another japanese circle, "Carmina Lunae". The former is mostly metal while the latter is a more chill, relaxing style. There's probably more stuff out there but I don't know of anything. If anyone knows that'd be cool to share :)

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This is still more of an audible but unfinished and unpolished demo that had some unexpected shit happening during the time I was supposed to finish it, mostly related to the lack of a guitarist that led to a weird experiment replacing what was initially planned in the arrangmement as guitars to harps amped like if they were metal guitars (my most sincere praise to Kirina / Nicole for the time and work spent on that!).

Eventually this will have real metal guitars and sound closer to the initial idea, but in case you @LifeDeleter or anyone else is interested, here's my arrangement/cover/whatever of this fantastic soundtrack:

Featuring some talented musicians playing most of the instruments. I'm kinda happy with the arrangement but a pity the unexpected issues at literaly latest week (that was done for a monthly videogame music contest and had a deadline to finish it) and the mix was a disservice.

Basically my idea is to focus on Riza's scenario, so this includes multiple sources like "Crime of the Heart" and "Flame and Arrow" as well as "Holidas in the Village" and some small pieces from one of the Final Battle themes. I wanted it to have both agressive and smooth parts, but because the unexpected turn of events I understand this probably turned a lot cheesier than intended. I hope it's still enjoyable for actual Rudra fans regardless :)

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