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  1. Great episode; it's beautiful to hear y'all again. I discovered and starting listening to VGDJ, starting with ep1, right around the time it was wrapping up, and I can say it is what kept me sane at a horrendous late night job I had my freshman year at uni. Looking forward to hearing more; I'll definitely be passing this on to friends! And with that, some feedback (mostly personal preferences more than anything else, but I'm sure you appreciate feedback from someone who's essentially not a community member): I do miss the RRR segment. It's nice to have one remix you can hear in its entirety. Whether it's actually random or picked in some other manner (maybe integrated with the OCRtist profile?) doesn't matter quite so much. Plus, I downloaded roulette remixes about as much as reviewed ones during the old incarnation of VDGJ, as listening to a good remix in its entirety will always leave a better first impression than a short preview. Regarding the game flames segment, we'll see where it goes in future episodes, but right now it just doesn't seem to fit. Amongst talking about a very narrow topic of VGM-remixing, all of a sudden we get a review of a game. Unless the person talking about the game is very entertaining, I don't personally care to hear all the gory details about why I shouldn't play a crappy game (or why I should play a good one either for that matter), when I'm tuning in to the podcast to hear about music. I'm sure I'll have further thoughts as a couple episodes come in. Great job, guys!
  2. I would just like to say that, even though I likely know Reuben the least of anybody here, his personality is shown through his music and it makes me feel as if I have known him for a very long time. My condolences to Reuben's family and friends.
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