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  1. I sure hope final surprise is xenogears at 250. I'm excited to see ff4 on a lower tier than 1000.
  2. Before I was thinking FF4 would be a good stretch goal and lower it from $1000. But then I remembered the Xenogears album. I would absolutely love that one as that is one of my favorite games and soundtracks of all time.
  3. damn isn't that $1000? I'd pay that much but that's just too much lol
  4. yay thought it would take another month lol let's see the DKC2 soundtrack is still on $250 so I kept the same pledge!
  5. for real? that sounds familiar. where did someone say there was a retagging thing going on?
  6. Well I'm excited for the new kickstarter. Hopefully the new one will be up soon. 30 days after that to be charged is good for me b/c by then I'll get paid again and be ready to drop $250 again.
  7. well now that you posted you're subbed to this thread, unless you opted out. Which is a good idea ^^
  8. yea lol if they did that I would just give on the whole thing. it's a shame but it's cool we'll still get the music.
  9. I subbed to this topic so that's how I'm keeping up with news in here. I figured that was better than just randomly checking the main page.
  10. not me. I didn't think about this until it went down. I gladly pledged $250.
  11. Everybody relax. They're working with SE. The main page says they MIGHT be able to reopen the kickstarter next week. If that happens, then it's a happy ending! But yea can't you guys understand why SE would be upset? As soon as OCR got on kickstarter and starting getting money using the IP Final Fantasy, that's when they stepped in it. SE is being nice working with OCR.
  12. Well, if you have the rights, it's no problem, like the Leisure Suit Larry one where the producers gained the rights to the character. If you don't, it's up to the company with the rights and their legal department whether they want to stop you, apparently.
  13. hooray an update. yep kinda makes sense. I was doing a little research and apparently a lego kickstarter mysteriously got taken down too. Hope you guys can work it out with SE. And Garpo I doubt that would work since Uematsu left and works freelance.
  14. I think since you replied you're automatically subscribed to the thread so you don't have to keep refreshing. It'll email you.
  15. I sure hope so. In fact that could be the safe thing to do. I'm going to send djp a message I guess since I don't want to say anything publicly about my thoughts on the legal issue.
  16. Well hopefully it does go back up. If not we should still get the music so that's good. And yea I can only see this too on my backer history, it says $250 but doesn't say it's in progress and it the link goes to a page that says it's not available anymore.
  17. don't know if this has been mentioned but when I download a remix I usually try aplus b/c it was faster than the first one iiens. But I randomly only get part of the song so I have to go to dreamhost and then I do get the entire song. Like today aplus only gave me like the first 2:50 of the new FF8 remix so I had to use dreamhost then I got the whole song.
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