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    I am a musician from Glendale, AZ who works with an international collaboration of artists looking to make all styles and genres of music.
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    Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar
  1. Greetings!!! I am a complete newbie to this concept, but I am looking for ways to expand my musical creativity. I am a guitar/bass player from AZ. Recently, I did some music clips for a friend who was designing a new game mod for his guild. Counterstrike was the name I believe. I enjoyed the concept and now I am looking for other ways to get some music out there. I also work with an international music collaboration site and have many other msuicians/artists who might find this type of site interesting and challenging. I will try to lay low and get a feel for things here, but I wanted to
  2. As a newbie to your site, I never knew Reuben or his work. I visited his site through one of the postings before, and his music was very nice. Expressive, emotive and powerful. As a musician and a brother I share my symapthy with his entire family, all of you included. Rest In Peace young brother.
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