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  1. For that particular one I was using Ableton's Analog. I'm messing with the LFOs now, I see what you mean. Kind of amazed that I never noticed this before, I usually play with every little knob. Analog even has a section that says "Vibrato" right on it. I still think it would be nice to have a VST to use on some of my more limited plugins. I have a few that only have a small handful of knobs and I don't recall seeing LFO on those.
  2. I'm trying to figure out what the difference between these two is, but it seems confusing, especially as (apparently) some manufacturers just kind of put whatever name they feel like on them? Can someone explain this to me? Anyway, I'm running Ableton Live 8 and it doesn't seem to contain either as an effect. What I am trying to do right now specifically is to get this: http://www.negativeworld.org/etc/sample1.mp3 To sound a bit more wobbly, like this: http://www.negativeworld.org/etc/sample2.mp3 I got it a tad wobbly using the synth controls, but I can't get any more with the synth it
  3. I'm in the need of both a sound card and a mic (and a MIDI controller but putting that on hold for now.) I used to have an M-Audio Firewire sound card but... I had some trouble with it to be honest. Not sure if it was my machine or the sound card or the wire but almost every time I used it, it was very tough to get my computer to recognize it, and it would often short out mid-recording and I'd have to reboot my machine to get it recognized again. So I hesitate around M-Audio, but I'm willing to give them another shot if it's a generally good option. Right now I have an HP machine with Wind
  4. Hmm my brother just recommended the Akai 49 to me. $400 retail. Could probably get it for cheaper but that's still a bit steep at the moment. Ah well. Better to make a good investment once than to buy a cheap one and have it suck and then break on me. Wish my car wasn't in the shop. I was doing pretty well financially until I decided to go grad school WHATWASITHINKING? He's also going to let me borrow his smaller maudio for a bit just to play around with it. Although he doesn't seem to like it much. But if I'm going to have to save up for something nice that might be awhile, so it'd b
  5. Oh yeah, octaves not frets. I did piano as a kid and then switched to guitars as a teenager, but of course I know the difference, brain just wasn't working. For the MIDI Controller sounds I understand that MIDI is just note data, but I kind of vaguely recall being in a band like 10 years ago where the keyboardist had a MIDI Controller that had on-board memory so he could load different sounds into it. Or maybe I was just confused about how it worked, I was just a guitarist then and didn't get too involved in what he was doing. Does this kind of MIDI Controller sound feasible or is it all i
  6. What's up? Up until this point I've pretty much been doing all of my sequencing point and click style. But that's silly, I used to play piano, I know how to play the darn keyboard, so why don't I have a MIDI Controller yet? Good question. So I need to get one. I think I'd prefer one with a couple of frets. Not but I dunno... these 49 key ones look ok. Maybe even something bigger, if it won't break the bank. I'm currently running Ableton Live 8.2.2 on a Windows 7 machine, if that matters. And I don't have firewire or anything fancy, just plain ol' USB. First a few questions: 1. Does
  7. Really? That's... interesting. And a huge knock against it, for me. How do people who use Reason utilize stuff that isn't built in, just build tracks separately outside of Reason and add them together later? So... clarify something for me. I'm working under the assumption that with a MIDI keyboard you can record live. Which is fine, if you're a spot on player. But you can also use it just to help track in some fashion without having to be spot on?
  8. My friend didn't help with Ableton, in fact said friend has never used it, they just happened to have it because another friend installed it on their computer. I'm still trying to decide between Ableton and Reason, I have friends who use both and I'm trying to decide which of said friends would actually help me out versus the ones that are too busy/etc. to help much, heh. It's true that there is probably a lot Orion can do that I never bothered learning, but I'd still prefer to get something that is more standard when it comes to people making electronic music, and no one I talk to EVER uses
  9. Well, to clarify a bit I know that my sound won't instantly change by switching, but there are a few things about Orion that I just don't like. For one, it crashes a fair amount and runs sketchy even when it doesn't crash. But from a user interface standpoint, it just seems lacking. I was messing with Ableton on a friend's computer and in like 20 minutes I was able to do some stuff with volume and effects and the likes that on Orion is a huge hassle (at least as far as I know.) So maybe I'm mostly just looking for something that makes more intuitive sense to me. I also think it would he
  10. Hey, just requesting those drum samples. Actually I do have like a BILLION drum samples right now, my brother gave me a folder with tons of them, but it's like... too much. I feel like (as stated in that thread) I want to start over and build my library piece by piece with samples that I really like.

  11. Ok, so I've been making music for a couple of years now. The thing is, I still feel like I'm basically an 8/10 (being generous here) in song-writing and a 1/10 in production. Here are some examples: http://soundcloud.com/andrew-nee Now, when I listen to a lot of the stuff people are doing here the production values are way higher. I'm actually wondering if there is just something I'm missing from the start, like my core set of drum / synth / etc. samples are weak or who knows what. Anyway, I decided that the best way to move forward is to go back to the basics. I want to start over. Ri
  12. I don't think I'm really quite at OC Remix level yet, but I figured I'd post this here anyway and see what you guys think. Constructive criticism is nice... if the feedback involves the sound quality, some tips on specific things to do would be nice also (I'm still learning a lot there.) http://soundcloud.com/andrew-nee/09-bit-trip-runner-zone-1/ I don't think I'm going to come back to this one (no time... in grad school, running a website, barely finding time for my original music, work, girlfriend, etc.) so I marked it finished, even though it could probably still use a lot of work. But
  13. I'm just curious, I'm trying to write some sort of electro rock type stuff and I'm not really sure what the best way to approach distorted parts are. I want to get something kind of like the distortion that kicks in in this song at about the 0:31 mark... http://www.negativeworld.org/etc/timetopretend.mp3 I have tried a few things and the best I could get was taking a bass line (VST: EVM Bassline) and using a distortion effect (Boss DS-1) on it. And that resulted in this, at about the 0:22 mark... http://www.negativeworld.org/etc/megaman7ish.mp3 But it sounds really low and harsh, I want
  14. I have a couple of free VSTs that are old school gamey... Peach Toad Link? Basic 64 But as stated above, FF 7 isn't 8-bit music. These will help you make stuff more like old NES tunes, for the most part. I also have: Quadrasid Which has some old school gamey sounds but a lot of modern sounds too. It's a pretty neat VST but I haven't figured out how to work a lot of the options on it yet.
  15. Basically I've been writing music for 10+ years, but until a few years ago it was all for punk rock bands and such, where all I was really doing was the actual song writing, and outside of getting my amp set up and messing with a few effect pedals, I pretty much never did anything on the production end. Electronic music is a lot different, I write a song and that's just the start. But then I'm never quite sure where to go from there. I read Zircon's remixing thread, which helps sort of on a general level, but I'm still pretty clueless about how to put this stuff into action and people say v
  16. What do you mean by punchy, like the bass kicks and such? I feel like there is a LOT I need to learn about production (I basically know nothing) and I'm not sure how much time I have to learn everything (grad school, on a short summer break right now) so I'm thinking of just trying to focus on one thing say "drums" and get that down better. I'm working on revamping the drums now. I pulled the bass kick out of the rest and tried to make it bouncier. I think the general rule of frequencies for drums is low for bass and high for the rest? Here is a part of it with somewhat more prominent b
  17. In fact I basically made this as a fan thing to send to the Bit.Trip guys and wasn't going to bother naming it, but then I thought hey, might as well get some feedback on OCRemix. http://www.negativeworld.org/mymusic/electronic/bittriptest.mp3 Although it's probably not good enough to try to submit seriously to the site. I think the melodies and song writing and everything came out well, though I still don't actually know much about production values and I'm kind of winging it there. I know what *I* like and don't like about this work in progress, I wonder if it will be the same stuff th
  18. Basically I'm doing an electronic project with a huge rock/hardcore edge to it. And the moment I'm getting some decent fuzz sounds by applying BOSS overdrive effects (SD-1, etc.) to a bass VST. However I want to get a more "guitarish" feel, and all of the guitar VSTs I know of sound kind of crappy. Even with bass there is probably something better to use than an overdrive pedal. Anyone know any good ways to emulate guitar-ish distortion outside of recording actual guitars? Or any interesting ways to get to a cool distorted sound, doesn't even necessarily have to be guitar based.
  19. Hey guys, I just sort of accidentally got signed to an indie electronic label here in Chicago. Weird story that. But that was the label owner's reply to a demo I sent him. Anyway I have a couple of demos up on my Myspace, a single releasing on a comp on said label next month, and an EP coming out well... whenever I get around to it. http://www.mypace.com/andrewnee Production quality is a bit weak (definitely my weakness) but I think the song writing is quality and I'm supposed to be working with a producer eventually to get some of the sound quality a bit better. Let me know what you thi
  20. I'll have to wait until work to get some examples of what I'm looking for, but here is a song I'm working on now with electronics + guitars and the guitar sounds so harsh and out of place when it comes in... http://www.negativeworld.org/mymusic/unfinished/indiegame1.mp3 The guitar comes in around the 0:55 mark, does chords for a half a minute and then some single string stuff for 20 seconds or so. Also appears at the same part later in the song. None of it quite seems to fit to me...
  21. I hope this makes sense. I wrote punk rock/etc. for years and recently I got into electronic, I've done pretty well keeping them separate but I'm trying to bring both my major influences together in one project. The problem is, whenever I write electronic parts and try to put electric guitars in them, they sound WRONG. Even when I get the guitars and electronics to work nice together, the distortions/etc. sound too ROCK. I'm trying to get a sound more like the Postal Service or something. For guitar recording I'm using Guitar Rig 3 and the built in amps and pedals and stuff in there. I
  22. Nah never tried Syntendo, I'll check that out. Turns out I already have Magic 8-Bit but I'll check out that other one. As for the effects, I'm sure you CAN record them from emulator but I'm also sure they have to be out there somewhere already so it'd save a lot of trouble. I remember like a year ago I found a place where I got a ton of the Super Mario 1/2/3 effects, I mean a TON but I can't recall where it was.
  23. I'm looking to take classic gaming sounds and styles and make them a bit more modernized... in my own pieces. Something along the lines of what bit.trip beat on WiiWare is doing, if any of you have played that. Right now I have a "Basic" computer VST and 3 NES ones (Peach, Toad, Link) all of which I like a lot, but I want to find some that sound erm... more advanced but still video game-ish, if that makes sense? Especially a bass, the bass I use for my songs right now sounds more like a rock bass than a good electronic bass. I feel like right now I have some nice old school gaming VSTs and
  24. This may be a dumb question, but is putting too much high frequency stuff in one place what causes the kind of muddy sound? And what exactly do you do about it, just equalize an instrument or two down into the lower frequencies? And this may be an even dumber question, but on my equalizer there is high (gain) and high (freq) as well as low (gain) and low (freq). So to take an instrument and put it into a lower frequency... do I move the low (gain) AND the low (freq) knobs up a bit while dropping the high (gain) AND high (freq) knobs? And if I have a couple instruments in both the lower and
  25. Ok, I messed around with a lot of effects, mostly reverb. Trying to see if I can find that mix between smoothing things out without watering them out too much. It SEEMS to have helped a lot. Anyone want to check it out and give some feedback? http://www.myspace.com/auroraunit313 It's the first song, the one called "Spiraling In Circles Forever." I pretty much used some reverb and / or delay on almost every track, except the bass and drum tracks, which didn't seem to take to them as well. I'm not sure what else I can even do on the effects end. I think it may be time to start on figurin
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