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  1. i downloaded Gashisoft GXSCC just for starters well the sounds i may examine then on my PSX Discs the sounds im thinking is the sort of sounds they use in this vid while selecting stuff in game and the sound of the casting magic in the fights and the load successful sound when you load the game
  2. I am a mega fan of FF8 and i must say the song has many pros and cons to it I Dislike the intro its a little bit skattish for my liking as in i don't like the piano at the start but when it goes into it the piano is really nice sounding and really good with the main build up it could be louder may i say 6/10 for it need to add bit of volume and improve the intro and then it will be awesome! Good luck mate
  3. hey guys long time no speak from here i am curious i am thinking of making a FF7 Remix with the in game sounds e.t.c but don't know where to start i have the software to do it just not sure where to get the in game sounds online would it be best if i acquired them personally? and also i aient sure on how to use the software just yet so i am wondering do any guys have any tutorials written up? i am used to using the likes of VDJ and Audacity but i really love the sound of 8-bit and want to try it out
  4. Hey Guys well i have made it and i don't know (appart from rapidshare) any decent sites to host my music i have a band page on myspace but never the less i uploaded it to you tube! The mood i have gone for with this song is a very up beat Trance sound for it so i shall cut to the chase http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=W6f04hok0wg I hope to receive Positive critisism as i am working on a second song a bit more ambitious of this one Cheers!
  5. Just to say hi im new to forum and have just submitted a Mix to get on the Site i used Starcraft so i looking forward to the judges reviewing it! hope to see you guys around
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