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  1. Rats.

    I guess I'll just have to buy a notebook and keep track myself then. lol.

    The weird thing about the small 'memory' of the wii is that aside from virtual console games, I don't really use it anyways. Mind you, there ISN'T any other way to use it, but even if there was, like movies or music or some such, I probably wouldn't. Sure, I'd put some on just because I can, but I'd really rather put everything on my 500GB external hard drive where I can put it to use. i don't understand what's with all the magic/novelty of saving music on a game console.

  2. http://wii.ign.com/articles/853/853748p1.html

    Sakurai's final stand.

    -He tried to get voice communication into the game, but Nintendo wouldn't allow it. They heavily restricted communication.

    -No thought of using DLC or WiiConnect, as the Wii doesn't have a hard drive and can't burn disks.

    -His decision to throw away leaderboards and rankings. Wants the game to be centered around small groups of friends.

    -Wants a fourth iteration in the future, but no part of the DS.


    1. I can believe that. Nintendo is really paranoid about communication, but they still allow text between friends, right?

    2. The Wii does have a hard drive! How else could you download virtual console games?

    3. I certainly hope this is not the case. They put global rankings in mario strikers, right? why not the same for brawl???

    4. There could be some connectivity. Throw a couple bombs in, or something.

  3. So, in SSB64, wasn't Link decided as the best character? Strongest, and best range? I'm guessing in melee it was either falco or marth, because of their speed, strength and range. How about for brawl? in the videos, it looks like Link has been beefed up A LOT. which character would you brawl owners say is best?

    Also, comment on the 64 and melee characters; I'd like to hear other opinions.

    But...Let's try and keep it opinions, not a flame war, lol.

  4. There are so many things affecting how much data you can put on a single disc. The size of the disc, how many writable sides it has, single or double layers, the thinness of the laser writing the data, and the method of writing.

    The only difference between a HD-DVD and a blu-ray disc is that the data is written with a red laser on an HD-DVD and with a blue laser on a blu-ray disc. Because the blue laser is thinner it gets more data on the same space, that's it. But deciding to use a thinner laser ain't all that impressive, and it certainly isn't the best method currently out there either, if you really wanna write a ton of data on a single disc then look into HVDs.

    So, basically, Blu-ray was better, but HD-DVD was cheaper because it didn't put as much info on?

    Both used the same kind of disks, right? I mean, Blu-ray wasn't using some special kind of physical disk; they used normal dvds?

  5. djp had a really good answer, but I wanna do my "blu-ray for dummies" post anyway:

    blu-ray is just a blue laser that scribbles data on a disc. Because the blue laser is thinner, it can fill in much more data on a disc than a red laser can. A violent laser, which would be even thinner, would totally kick blue laser's ass in the amount of data that could be stored on a disc. A completely retarded example would be: blu-ray is the amount of times you can wrap floss around your index finger. The (old?) standard of writing data on a disc (red-ray) would be the amount of times you could wrap a very thick rope around your index finger. That's about it, blu-ray "creates" more space on a disc, and more space means more data that can be put in that space, and being able to put more data means higher resolutions on videos and other stuff.

    You know, that's the best explanation of blu-ray I have ever heard. No, seriously. I'm not joking.

    All of the 'official' explanations made no sense, and all my friends described it very strangely.

    So, how then is HD-DVD different from blu-ray?

  6. Combos, in my experience, are hard to pull off and annoying to be caught in. They're near impossible against skilled players because even a second's gap will give them an escape and counter-attack opportunity. I've been playing for a long time, but I just can't seem to get all that much better. I can only do like a 3 hit combo, max.

  7. I've seen a few good anime movies, like the myazaki movies(Spirited away, princess mononoke, etc), Steamboy and Royal Space Force. The last is pretty old, but has a great theme.

    As far as series go, a friend gave me Gundam Seed Destiny, which I thought was pretty good, except the end was really rushed. I saw several pokemon episodes when I was younger, but I know people probably don't even count pokemon as a proper anime, lol.

  8. Protip: if you find that those of a similar skill level are constantly besting you while using other control options, stop using the Wiimote.

    GC, CC or Nunchuck. More than 3 buttons is a good idea.

    Well, yeah, I would'nt keep using it if I lost every time, I'm just wondering if that's the way it works or not. I mean, what about all those poor people who just got a wii, the game, and broke the nunchuke?:puppyeyes:


  9. Oh, HUGE question:

    In wifi play, how do the controllers work? For example, if you play a random stranger match, and you play with only the remote, will it set you up with someone using a gamecube controller? 'Cause that would be so unfair, considering all the crazy melee players out there. I think that you should be able to search for a game USING a certain controller type, like classic against classic, etc.

    Does anyone know what it really is? If it's just random, then I'll only play online with a gamecube controller(That way I'll have a slight chance of winning).

  10. Well, he was always a fierce character in my mind. Midgames+lucky Judgement = Awesome.

    G&W was the most fun to play as, too, IMO. It's more fun to hit someone with food(I refuse to open the bacon/sausage can of worms again) and a chair than to simply punch and kick.

  11. Does anyone know what changes there will be in the US brawl from the japanese? Also, can the two play wifi?

    As far as the tournament thing goes, I've only heard of one official melee tournament. I guess there's lots, eh? Has anyone ever won one?

    BTW, off topic: How do you upload a custom avatar?

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