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  1. On 7/15/2016 at 11:03 PM, Slimy said:

    I've used a few of these sites before, Donjon is really awesome.  Another good one is http://inkarnate.com/  Which is still in beta but can be used to make some nice looking maps.

    Speaking of which, I've finally finished up my D&D map!  I'll be posting it here in a few days after I introduce it in the game, but I'm pretty happy with it. 

  2. I like the Dwarf Fortress music, I may be able to find a place for it in my game.  When we wait in the lobby for the game to start, I always play This WoW music.  I've never played WoW but I like its music and it fits very well for that ready to begin style of music. 

    Also, Pavane by Gabriel Faure is what I consider the perfect travel/adventure music for this sort of game.  It may be from the 1800's but it really sounds like the kind of music that would play in a SNES RPG overworld, like Dragon Quest.


    In other news, I'm preparing a zelda style dungeon for my second group, check it out:



    Obviously, it's sand/earth themed. I was hoping to find a really good song to use, preferably a cover of a Zelda dungeon song for it.  I found a good Stone Tower Temple remix but was also hoping to find a good Skyward Sword earth temple remix, but no one seems to have remixed it in a classical style.

  3. 3 hours ago, Anorax said:

    Have a few friends from college who play D&D in our spare time. Currently, with this being summer break and all, we're trying (with little success) to have a campaign over the internet.

    The DM for this CoIP (campaign over internet) has a really neat homebrew world set up, and he's basically letting us use any and all 5e core and supplemental materials (as well as a few homebrew classes at DM's discretion), which was really cool. The biggest problem we currently have is actually finding scheduled time to campaign.

    Finding time to play is one of the hardest things to do as adults haha.

    3 hours ago, Anorax said:

    Also, if you are someone who plays fifth edition, check out Dicecloud. It's a really, really neat online character sheet tool that lets you keep track of anything and everything that modifies character stats.  You can always keep track of how you got that +5 bonus to [ability]. It takes some extra time to set up the character, but once it's done it's a huge time saver.

    Dude this website is awesome! I'm for sure going to check this out.  I always just use an editable PDF in a separate window for my character but everyone else in my group wants their info online, so I will show this to them. This will allow me to see their info at all times too if I need to

  4. That sounds cool, I'd watch that short film.


    Last night I ran a game for a second group of people who I am starting on the opposite, southern end of the island. I'm trying to give them connecting story threads but different adventures, so when the two groups meet up, they will each have different stories to tell and have answers for each other's questions.  Currently I am preparing a zelda style dungeon for the second group, complete with locked doors and keys, puzzles, minibosses and a sand theme throughout the dungeon.  Should be fun!

  5. 11 hours ago, evktalo said:


    Anyone played over Skype or something?

    Well there is actually a really good virtual tabletop called Roll20.  It's free, and you can use tokens, roll dice, have maps and even play music and use fog of war features.  It's what I've been using for my D&D, and it even can do voice/video chat through the website!

  6. ^ These are both some really cool suggestions.  I like the idea of his character having dark intentions/worshiping a different god, and the idea that maybe the god isn't good.  I feel a large part of it is more that it's how he as a player likes to play (grabbing everything and having a trophy of every enemy they fight), and he was a bit frustrated when I told him that his behaviour (wanting to steal and kill people to get their stuff) is not becoming of a good aligned character.  It would still annoy me but to a lesser extent if he was playing a thief, for example.  Then again, the concept of a terribly greedy character needing to learn to resist his urges makes for an interesting character, but maybe not a very fun character to play.  I'm not sure.


    Overall I'm keeping the game simple.  I know he wants to have lots of crafting and resource collecting, but I strongly dislike that element in video games and I'm not prepared to include it in a meaningful way, so I've been keeping it simple.  I haven't even been making them keep track of how many arrows they fire, for example.  Maybe one day I can have intense political intrigue, warring nations, crafting, etc but for now I'm still just learning.


    Also, an OCR game would be cool, I bet there could be some really cool games run by people on here!

  7. 23 minutes ago, MindWanderer said:


    Your cleric player is a classic archetype, I've seen that in just about every game I've ever played with inexperienced players.  It takes a few games to figure out what actually makes for a fun game for everyone involved.  People used to video games, in particular, take a while to get out of the greed mentality.  I try not to be heavy-handed with divine sanction like that, though--it doesn't teach the long-term lesson, and if the same player rolls up a non-divine character next game (and he probably will), you'll be back to square one.  And this guy seems like he needs a lot of work, if he's actually taking multiple treasures for himself and not letting the other PC's get any.

    That is a good point.  I'm still also new to DM'ing so it's taking practice for me to learn what works and what doesn't.  I did have another reasoning for why his god would be unhappy though, which is more of a "human" (in the sense that greek gods and such had "human" goals and desires) reason.  His god, Njord, is a god of treasure and tasked his cleric with finding his lost treasure for him, in exchange he would be blessed with treasure and adventure.  Recently, they explored a temple filled with monsters, and in a fit of rage, the player had his character eviscerate a monster, splattering its blood and guts all over the floor and walls.  This was the same temple where he tried to break and shatter jade statues  so he could take some with him.  I figured that Njord would watch that and think "Do I really trust this guy with finding my lost temple of treasure, if he will defile a temple like this without a second thought?"

  8. 15 hours ago, Slimy said:

    I haven't played too much D&D, but I've always had an interest, and over the years I've collected a bunch of pdf files for various games and editions. Anyone can PM me if they're interested in seeing and using them.

    (I even have a few folders full of maps, and deck-plans for Traveller.)


    Edit: Oh, and if you don't mind his curmudgeonly attitude and a complete lack of editing, you might enjoy Spoony's Counter Monkey series.

    That's awesome, I actually watched a bunch of Counter Monkey before I ever played D&D. I feel it helped prepare me and got me in the mindset. I've already spent several hundred bucks on collecting books and stuff for the game haha.  And maps are super useful, especially grid maps of dungeons and caves!


    46 minutes ago, DarkeSword said:


    Sarah's DMing style leans more on the storytelling side of D&D over the mechanical, board game combat side, so it's always been a great way to engage in great storytelling. It's not even the typical funny stories you hear from folks playing D&D either about how they managed to kill their whole party or about how they just screw with people; it's more like, there's so much character development and real drama that it's become one of my favorite fantasy settings, on par with Dragonlance or LotR.

    Haven't played in a few years because we're all adulting now, but I miss the crap out of it. Might bother Sarah to get a game going soon.

    This is super cool, I hope to have a game that becomes that broad and awesome someday!  Creating such an epic and engrossing story with others sounds really satisfying and engaging.  You should totally see if you guys can play again on Roll20, which is a really handy virtual table top to play on.

    Also fun fact, apparently the Dragonlance books actually are official D&D books! I've been finding that a lot of things are part of the D&D world and I never knew (Baldur's Gate, Dragonlance, Neverwinter Nights to name a few)


    16 minutes ago, MindWanderer said:

    I played the hell out of D&D for most of my life, but like DS, I'm busy "adulting" now.  It's rare I can even squeeze in an hour or two for a video game, much less coordinate several hours of sit-down play with friends.  Also I don't really have any friends.

    I've played with a lot of lousy DMs, a couple of good ones.  Most are either great at storytelling and world-building but lousy at mechanics, or vice-versa.  I played a ton of Living Forgotten Realms before D&D Essentials kind of killed 4e (and then WotC dropped support).  I was the GM of the Core Coliseum, a competitive format, over on the WotC forums for a year or so, right at the tail end of 3.5e.

    Since WotC discontinued their own forums, enworld.org has become the primary online forum for D&D and several other RPG's.  You should check that out to share experiences and advice.  

    Adulting is really tough.  This week I've been putting in 13 hour work days at the studio.  Love my job but maaaaan.  

    How does competitive D&D work? do you pit your characters against other characters, or is it like a race to get through a dungeon against another team? Both sound pretty fun haha.

    Oh thanks, yeah I will for sure check out enworld.org.  I think I've actually come across some of their pages several times when looking for advice.


    I've got a player in my group playing a Chaotic Good Cleric, but he's greedy beyond belief.  This player tries to take everything that isn't nailed down, skin and harvest every monster we fight and even break statues in temples so he can take pieces with him.  He even took a sword and spear which were coated in evil magic out of greed and took both treasures at the end of the dungeon (I intended one for him and one for the other player, but he was instantly like "Hey you don't mind if I take both, right?") so I thought hard about it and realizedthat a good aligned god he serves would become upset with his actions (especially carrying around evil weapons for no reason outside of greed), and so his god revoked his magic powers.  It baffled him beyond belief and it wasn't until the next game that he thought to actually ask his god what's going on haha.

  9. "The sound of stone scraping stone echoes through the dark corridors as you push open the secret door in the backroom of the ruined castle tower.  The stench of decay and a burst of warm air erupts from the passage, and you see a stone staircase descending into darkness, flanked by walls adorned with intricate designs of tentacled creatures, armoured soldiers and treasures.  You've found king Bairn's hidden catacombs.  What do you do?"


    I recently (as in, around 6 months back) got to play my first D&D game, and it was awesome. I fell in love with the game, particularly 5e, and have since begun running my own game for a small group of friends.  I've been looking for a website with a forum where I could talk to other players and DM's for advice on running my game, and then I realized there are probably some players on OCRemix. 

    Were my assumptions correct? Are there other D&D players on these forums who would like to discuss their games and experiences and ask for advice? 


    Also, just for fun, here's a WIP version of the map for my campaign:


  10. Personally, I think the Miiverse is the best feature of the Wii U. If you don't use it, you're doing yourself a disservice.

    Also, my NinID is GameBird. I believe I have everyone added, but if not send me a friend request! n_n

  11. I would have thought people in Europe would prefer the 50hz version since that's the version they would have played when they were younger. It's like if you grew up with Super Mario Bros on NES, and then one day found out you had been playing a version that was faster than it was supposed to be. Would you want to play the slower version you've never played, or the way you originally experienced it?

  12. I'm very excited for HD Wind Waker. From the looks of it, they're improving character models and everything. It definitelly has a different visual style going on, but Aonuma said as much in his presentation. Besides, what's wrong with it being different? Like you all said, the original WW has visually aged superbly, so replaying it would be a pleasure. I'm more excited about what 'touch ups' they'll be making to the game.

    Also of interest, Aonuma said they were testing out different Zelda art styles when trying to decide what the next Zelda should look like. He's also said it won't look like that tech demo. So, we know that (assuming it's not a sequel) it will not look like Twilight Princess (the tech demo) or Wind Waker (since they're using it for something else). What does that leave?

  13. Guys, guys.


    A full-fledged Find Mii RPG.


    Dude I had that idea YEARS ago.

    It would a full on, Dragon Quest style RPG. When you start a new file, the game would randomly select 3 of your pre-created miis and randomly assign them each one of 6 or so personalities and classes, so every time you play it would be different (One time you might have a friendly mage Hitler join your party, another time it would be an aggressive monk Santa Claus). The towns you visit will be populated by even more mii's you've made (or maybe streetpassed. Imagine an entire village filled with people you've streetpassed?). The story and battle system would be relatively simple, but I think the novelty of playing such a game would encourage people to play multiple times :)

  14. I got it now. Had to set up my friends list before it would let me do anything. I sent both you a request.

    Did you send it from the friends list or from miiverse? I've found it all works better miiverse. If you add someone from the friends list they won't be notified, but they will if you send them a friend request in miiverse.

  15. So far I really like it! The menus are new and strange and intimidating, but I'll get the hang of it. The web browser is awesome, too. In fact, i'm typing this message on the gamepad!! It's as fast as my ipad. Sweet.

    edit: now I'm editing this post while a youtube video is playing on the tv! This is awesome!!

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