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  1. Has the homepage been hacked? Going to sends you to a generic site filler, as if you typed in the wrong address. This happens when you comes via google too, so...hack?
  2. But what if there is no possible monetary loss when pirating a piece of software? Like an out of date version of Multimedia Flash "X"? If it can be bought, and paid for in a way that helps the makers, then pirating is wrong. but, what if its something like an old game which hasn't been made for 10 years? IF you can find it, buying second hand doesn't help the company who made it, if they even still exist. They would never know the difference, so does it matter? Then there is the PSP, which proves pirating is bad, since a lot of money has been lost from it to pirating. Shesh.
  3. Hello! I'm Narroo and this is my first remix! I remixed Megaman Juno's Theme from Megaman legends. (Its also Bach's Little Fugue, but still it IS used in Megaman Legends, which it is well known for being awesome in it.) The remix isn't too different from the original in terms of melody, I had a hard time find where I could change things, plus my REAPER remixer was having issues with splitting MIDI tracks and refused to play certain tracks after splitting points. But anyways, what do you guys think? Click here to listen!
  4. Does anyone know where I can put an MP3 Remix online for free, that has the real player page format like here? I don't know where to put a remix I did.
  5. Hey, can you use a Electronic Keyboard (With a MIDI output, of course), to enter MIDI notes and stuff in REAPER?
  6. I'm using REAPER. I think thats fine. I just have a bad feeling she is going to get something way too expensive, that is SO not worth it...Like a old model RaZor which she got me last year....that I almost specifically said I don't want. Hmm I'm just starting to rant now. Sorry. Well thanks guys! You guys are awesome.
  7. I seem to have a Realtek AC97 Sound Card. I googled it already....I don't think I'll be able to hook it up cheaply. Also my mom just forbid me from bidding on it...maybe she is planning on getting me something for Christmas? Of course, it will be relatively BAD, since I just for a Keyboard, and she knows nothing about my foray into remixing. Crud. Well...thanks anyways....
  8. Hmmm.....I think I'll go with the S-30. It's only about $40, and it looks nice. Its cheaper then the used keystations. Though I'm not sure it will hook up to my computer. The Yamaha page says it has a MIDI port out, is that what hooks up to the PC? The link I posted above goes to the specifications of the S-30. What do you think, sounds good.
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I DELETED MY LAST POST NOOOOOOO! Oh wait, my computer just hiccuped...nevermind....Doh'! Well I said...I was wondering if some people can tell me if a few used keyboards I found are worth it. I'll provide links to the Yamaha website, is that okay? PSR-500 (Including shipping) $150,,CNTID%25253D1508%252526CTID%25253D205000%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html PSR-310 $95,,CNTID%25253D1959%252526CTID%25253D205000%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html PSR-260 $70,,CNTID%25253D2160%252526CTID%25253D205000%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html PSR-220 $35,,CNTID%25253D1157%252526CTID%25253D205000%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html What do you think? Also, what the the model numbers mean? Do higher numbers mean higher grade?
  10. I don't want to waste money. So ho about some people rate some stuff I find? (If I get too annoying just tell me to stop, okay?) I found a used Yamaha S30 for $2 on ebay ($35 Shipping). Seems nice, but a BIT old. (Link on the Yamaha Website.),,CNTID%25253D2064%252526CTID%25253D206500%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html Also another Yamaha, PSR-260, for $70, including shipping. Here is a link to it on their website.,,CNTID%25253D2160%252526CTID%25253D205000%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html Also a PSR-310 for about $90-$100 (What do the model numbers mean?,,CNTID%25253D1959%252526CTID%25253D205000%252526ATRID%25253D20%252526DETYP%25253DATTRIBUTE%252526LGFL%25253DY,00.html So there are three. Anyone know where I can find the retail prices of these things?
  11. Didn't see that topic. Odd since I used searching, but that was useful. I'll look around for keyboards that have that stuff!
  12. Anyone remember Kirby: Nightmare in dreamland? You know the music for the DeDeDe battle? A remix of that would be cool. Also champion Cynthia's pre-battle theme from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl deserves something. I'd like to see these remixes on here. Maybe if I'll do them one day if I get good enough with remixing? Ahh, so many songs just waiting.
  13. I, before even discovering this site, wanted to buy a Keyboard (Electric Piano). I definitly want to now! I'm in the super cheap range, I'm hoping to not go over $150, after all, I still have Christmas shopping. What should I get. Something from Radio shack for $99, $150? Also I found a used Yamaha PSR-195 for $85, with the stand included. Is it worth it? Also I found a PSR-175 (Yamaha) for $99, $27 (Shipping) With a DJ thing in it.(???) What about that? Basically, what would be good to buy, and possibly bought used, cheap. Anyone know anything about keyboards?