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  1. Thanks guys, am checking out your suggestions. Keep em coming!
  2. I know there must be tons of undiscovered musical talent out there that warrants listening to. OCR artists know more than most how many great musicians today remain unsung by the masses. It's sort of like how there are small stores that sell you good merchandise for cheaper than the big dogs. Lack of exposure alone is all that keeps them from getting more customers. I'm asking you guys -I'm mostly interested in you veteran remixer's opinions- where is a good place to go to find this stuff? If it's free, even better. To clarify context, I'm trying to create a good library of tracks for me and my buds who are just starting to collaborate on weekends for pickup volleyball games at a park. I bought a great boombox and have everything ready, but just need fitting music. I've got a start with a small chunk of the music you hear on the radio, but I want to share new stuff with these guys --and myself. Knowing that I'm looking for those sort of tracks, if you guys could recommend individual songs that are great for keeping you pumped and playing, that'd be great too. Lastly, recommend a remix from the site! I already have stuck a few OCR's in there!
  3. Well, Zelda was better in Brawl.

  4. Most of us as gamers are familiar with or have probably heard of how Japanese voice actors are supposed to be better. Someone suggested to me though, with some frustration over this commonly accepted view, that they really aren't better at all, claiming that the reason we think so is because we simply can't tell when they're voice acting badly anymore. It kind of makes sense on one hand, but on the on the other, the emotion Japanese voice actors put in their voice-overs is pretty convincing. I'm curious what your thoughts are on this. Do we really like the Japanese voice-overs more because we just can't understand when they're acting poorly?
  5. The problem with this idea is that a screen does not accurately resemble a person's field of vision. In fact a problem with the realism of FPS's as well. Consider this. Stand against a wall with your back to it. You can see the wall in your peripherals, even while looking straight ahead. Can an FPS camera convey that? No way. How would you be able to make a FP fighter if a person's feet could not be seen? They'd have to come up with some ridiculous fish-eye perspective.
  6. Tales of Graces looks very promising. Arc Rise Fantasia, deserves an honorable mention as well. And, of course, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, with Zero confirmed for the NA release.
  7. Killing people, for sure. Video games reward violence. Life can too. Kidding, but not if Jack Thompson asks.
  8. Savato. For one reason: The first time you encounter it, you are operating as Derek. He uses the healing touch near the end and the logical assumption is that you cannot use it again. Like every other operation in the game. But this time, you can. It took me so long to figure out, that by the time I did discover it, I was so proficient at everything before that I scored an XS. Also, if you use the healing touch before the game does, you have just failed the operation. But if it's your first time, you wouldn't know that yet.
  9. Is anyone considering getting Transformers II? If you view the trailers, the multiplayer looks like it could actually be fun. I'm pondering getting it for PC, since on the Wii (what I have) the graphics appear to interfere with the gameplay.
  10. I think people were a lot more violent before video games. Someone should argue that video games are sensitizing us. : D
  11. I might suggest that anyone who joined OCR after this thread was made should not be allowed in. Don't want to check myself, but it's possible people might join just to win the prize money and/or recognition. I want people to recognize the winner as someone who has been in the community. I am not joining if you thought that influenced this suggestion.
  12. Ah, gotta love grammas. And those of you who haven't seen the old woman airbag video, youtube it.
  13. From Age of Empires II Intro Cinematic: This guy had the gayest, smugest smirk ever.
  14. Apparently it does sound like the zelda music.
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