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  1. That's why I said "wasn't it".
  2. Brilliance. I've been a fan of their live show for a long time now, and I got the HBO series on DVD for my birthday the day before Christmas. Cannot express enough my love for FotC. "Well you weren't making a move, I thought I would." "You're always there!" "You're always there too!" "She's my girlfriend!" "Aah... Yes. Good point." Incidentally; seen Eagle vs. Shark?
  3. Enlighten me. I actually don't know what's changed in that regard. And some new information would overshadow my worries about the game's speed. SSB is too slow. No question. But I personally don't find Melee to be too fast, and I'm not sure how I'm going to like anything slower...
  4. Assist trophies? Awesome. Basically like Pokéballs to me but with more scope for cameos, which is what Smash Bros. is about for me as an individual universe conceptually. As for things like the Dragoon? I don't know. It looks cool, but fighting over items like that, collecting them for the long term... I agree with you. The past two games have not been bad. I just don't know. I'm not even so sure I'm too hot about Smash Balls.
  5. A FS in which Kirby produces a microphone, takes in a huge breath sucking his opponents to him and then bursting into a bout of terrible singing, damaging everyone in range and causing knockback I'm beginning to think would be far more awesome than Cook Kirby.
  6. I think you're missing the point a little with these "tease" comments, Atma. Don't you think Keiji Inafune would know that is it indeed too late to add Megaman? I hardly see your judgement dwarfing his, and that's what makes it sound to me like Megaman is still very much a possibility. I'm not a Megaman fan, purely because I haven't played any of the games, but I'm just struggling to justify any other newcomers I can think of. Considering the nature of newcomers already confirmed (Pit, MetaKnight and DeDeDe, all hailing back from early Nintendo consoles [snake too, though that's probably moo
  7. Right, yeah, I looked that up and remembered Ridley. He was a trophy in Melee and appeared in the intro, and he flew around in the original Smash Bros. Samus level. Still, an AT sounds most likely. Also, Cynical: I imagine this is one of those equivocation problems, where people just hear what they want to.
  8. Why Belmont? There's nowhere near enough of a connection, in my opinion. Bomberman would be a better call, but I think he'd be too limited moveset-wise. Due to the role of villains this time around, I'm thinking it's possible that last spot could be one, but I really can't think of anyone suitable, looking at the roster. K. Rool seems ruled out through the explanation of DK's involvement being Bowser, the Mario universe already has 3(+?) characters, as does Kirby's now. With Ganondorf returning, so would Link/Zelda's, and the only villain suitable I can think of to add to Fox's universe I s
  9. No problem. Yeah, I agree with you. I'm liking how Melee and Brawl have added counterparts for several of the protagonists in the game, like Link getting Ganondorf, and Kirby getting DeDeDe. That's one of the main reasons I'm hoping Ganondorf's back in, regardless of moveset. Admittedly, probably the only reason I'll be avoiding Wario. I don't object to his being in Brawl, though. It was long overdue.EDIT: Speaking of which, I am for some reason ridiculously hyped about playing as DeDeDe. I'm not a fan of hard-hitters (I mained Marth on Melee for the speed), so I really don't see myself pla
  10. If you're basing the foil thing off the fact that the Halberd approaches Pit in his intro, I wouldn't count on it. It looks like the Halberd has been hijacked by the Subspace Army, so I imagine MetaKnight will be after it too. That or Nintendo have gone all the way and made him into a villain : /
  11. There's a video on gametrailers somewhere of the intro to SSE, in which that cutscene with Wario is shown in full. The gun turns you into a trophy if you get hit, and Wario hits Zelda and runs off with her. I'm assuming that's what Bowser had in mind, too. EDIT: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/26687.html Yeah, it's the same thing.
  12. A lot of coordination? ... Standing in front of a team mate? Shit, I'm out. Srs indeed.
  13. After all the Megaman Monday hype, loading up DOJO to see another mode update was extremely disappointing. So much so that I felt the need to register and post about it.
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