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  1. Excellent, I'll try said methods out. Thanks a ton for the tip .
  2. Is there any good way to execute a gradual dynamic change in Reason 4 besides adjusting the volume level of the channel (Which produces an unnatural sounding dynamic change in my opinion). Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Something I through together in Reason. Originally as an experiment with the piano refills but I decided to finish it as a fun project. Hardly a remix, more of an arrangement for Piano with a few extras chucked in there. Based on Jerry C's Canon rock. Criticize away! www.daklutz.com/music/canonrock12c.mp3
  4. I've had this idea in my head of a remixing To Zanarkand into a mellow rhythm, almost jazzy, but as I worked on it, it just wasn't turning out the way I wanted to. I almost scrapped the idea and as I was just messing around on the piano, I started meshing Greensleeves into the melody and it seemed to work. Greensleeves (What Child is This.) Is a Christmas Carol, not a piece of VG music. My question is if, and when I complete this, is it worth submitting to OCR since it's not 100% VG music?
  5. You would be quite amazed at what can and will conflict on a PC. By user error, I don't mean that "User X is an idiot and decided he didn't need a Registry." I mean that unknowingly, you have configured, or edited a setting that will cause a crash. I have seen some of the most bizzare crashes in my life on Windows. For example, there was a time when we had a customers computer and they couldn't access Microsoft's online update. Everytime they tried to access it, the machine would hang for some 5 seconds and restart. We sat there puzzled because we tried everything that could possibly be associated with it and after a few hours of work, found out that the video drivers conflict with it...somehow... Weird and unexplainable things happen and honestly, more often than not, you really can't point a finger at an individual, but at some of the weirdest conflicts you will ever see. I'm just saying, with a moderate amount of know-how, these things can be diagnosed and fixed much easier on a PC than on a Mac. Like I said, Macs have this habit of fixing little issue by itself and I love them to death for it. A few clicks and simple things like missing printer drivers are repaired. But if boot to a question mark on the screen, I'd rather not deal with the problem as a question mark tells me very little about what has actually happened.
  6. Believe it or not, the answer to that question, is "Yes". Case in point. Remember when IE had about 95% of the market share of browsers? Then a open source project called "Firefox" came into existence. People loved it. Tabs, Add ons and most of all, security. Firefox 1.0 had much much better security than our friend IE. Fast forward a bit. Firefox now has closer to 20% of the market share and is at version 2.0, but, there are more security risks now for the browser than there were a couple of years ago. Does this mean that the people developing the product made the security worse? No, black hats saw the increased market share as a chance to attack more people and therefore, targeted it. Right now, arguably, Opera has damn good security compared to either, the second Opera takes off like Firefox did, you can expect that brick wall of security to crumble like it just got hit by a nuke. Agreed. Very nice . Thanks for the info. What's funnier is seeing Mac fanboys defending Mac OS X with arguments such as, "Windows users are inferior. My fellow Mac users are wise!" Judging by your comment, I feel confidant that I can share a little secret with you: I know more about OS X than you. This may come as a shock to you but if you will take a few deep ones, you may began to realize that you bought a Mac because Steve has a genius marketing team with genius strategies. You bought a Mac not because you were so wise that you can see through PC's clever ruse, but because you saw a commercial, and you believed everything you heard on TV and everything your read at Mac.com. Congratulations. Next thing I'm going to hear is that Expose' and the Dock were originally Mac ideas... While I'm here complaining about Macs, let me tell you another fun fact about Mac users that drive me nuts: Mac users love to tell PC users that "Windows stole all of Mac's ideas and stuff /qq". Wake up, smell the world of PCs. There is a cute set of projects. These projects come in an infinite variety of flavors and together we call these projects, "Linux". You want to know where all of Macs pretty graphical "ideas" come from? Look to Linux three years or so before Mac implemented them. Oh, Time Capsule, you say? Windows Server 2003 Shadow Copy. Mac isn't ahead of it's time with it's neat features. It's playing catchup.
  7. I put another 5 years of IT experience into this thread and say that this post has more truth in it than Steven Colbert before a writers strike. In addition, I'll emphasize this point: Macs really do look pretty and Macs really are sleek. But, Macs break too. 75% of the time a Mac breaks, it's easy to fix. The thing practically fixes itself. The other 25% of the time, it's nigh impossible to fix because it's impossible to see whats actually going on behind all the pretty graphics. Because of that, a Mac either doesn't break, or when it does, it breaks really, really badly. Everyone complains about a BSoD hitting but guess what? BSoDs have a lot of information. Things ranging from potential causes, to files that caused a crash and if you really know your stuff, memory addresses. This lets a skilled tech easily diagnose and fix the problem quickly. When a Mac crashes and it says, "OS X has encountered an error." What do you honestly expect a tech to do about it? No information, no hint at what would have caused it. Nothing. I know Macs pretty well but I don't know where they keep an error log. I'm sure there is one floating around but honestly, if OS X really breaks, I call the UNIX guys because I really don't want to deal with it. Half the reason I use Windows is because I can fix it. The other half is compatibility. So to Apple I say this: Information. Provide it. Please. If you are forced to Reinstall Windows because of crashes, then it probably is an issue with the end user. Windows is not nearly as mindless as Mac OS X is. You can break Windows pretty easily if you don't know what you are doing. Unpredictable crashes are almost always a result of the end user screwing around with things he/she shouldn't be or mis configuring drivers etc. I've had Windows since 3.1. I've been exceptionally skilled with the OS since 98 and I've seen crashes that I wasn't expecting twice since then. A lot of Mac people argue that "Windows crashes a lot". Yeah, Windows does crash a lot if you don't fully understand what you are doing. It's kind of like, but on a different level, of people who unknowingly download things like Stormworm etc. It's just a matter of not knowing and understanding the dangers and potential risk of messing with the OS. So because you (For the average user) cannot build your own Mac, PCs are supposed to step down to their level when comparing potential features and performance? The fact that it's difficult to custom build a Mac is a flaw with the system, not an unfair comparison. Edit: A lot of people also praise Mac security. I have news for you: Security by obscurity doesn't count. The day Mac gets Market share is the day that Mac's amazing security will seem to evaporate.
  8. A duo from New Zealand that puts out some of the best humor known to man. My personal favorite: Business Time Enjoy.
  9. I really enjoyed it. The entire thing is beautiful. My only complaint is that the moving quarter note line of something electronic starting at 1:38ish(E, A, B, E, A, B...E, F#, etc.) Feels "Shaky" if you will. It doesn't feel as solid as I think it should be, almost like it has a small tremolo effect to it. At the end of the day, that's probably a style option more than anything and in the whole scope of things, is very minor. All together, it's an awesome piece.
  10. I think I'll shoot at this one. How long does it have to be? Right now, I'm thinking I have around 2 minutes worth in my head. Is that enough?
  11. First non-piano piece I ever have done that I declared finished: http://www.mkautzman.com/DireDire.mp3 What it turned into after being told that I need to L2P and another 20 hours of work: http://www.mkautzman.com/DireDireFinal17.mp3 Tis the only piece I have ever done thus far but there shall be more...
  12. Truth be told, it's built quite heavily off the original melody and maintains a lot of the original melody in the song. What's altered heavily is the background. The melody in my song has small alternations but nothing much larger than an extra note here and a grace note there. Something I did consider when making this is how conservative it is. Obviously, it remains a problem to some degree . Thanks a ton for the feedback. It's always appreciated
  13. I've found a few flutes that I can make sound almost exactly the same in the mids but the further you go down, the more they sound like crap. I would kill for either a refill with such a feature or for someone to give me some insight on how to create this instrument.
  14. I love this piece! Very easy to listen to. Excellent detailing. A quality song that's going onto the play list. I'm looking forward to more.
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