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  1. wow, glad to see the results Congratulations to all winners! Now it's time to see those beautiful creations *makes some popcorn*
  2. Thanks for a comprehensive email Liontamer. I'm glad you decided to try some other ways of distributing the videos along with a torrent. I'm really curious about the other submissions, I've seen only a few from 17 so far and that makes me really excited about the rest. Results on this Sunday? Sounds wonderful!
  3. I agree, it'd be great if we knew the actual date of the announcement. Two months have passed since the deadline and the further informations about the contest were minimal. Why such a delay ? I think it's quite unfair for the participants, not that the making of the videos wasn't fun, but many of us put a lot of effort into this just to be uncertain about the end of this contest. I don't mind the delay at all, but you could just e-mail us about the progress etc..
  4. I guess you're right, torrent and youtube is a much better idea indeed.
  5. Sounds great ! Maybe instead of making a torrent you could upload them on youtube or stage6?
  6. any news regarding the contest? It has been more than 2 weeks since the deadline and still it's complete silence
  7. Just like skcoder said this piece is very unique. It utilizes few styles and the potential of the base song. Extremely enjoyable
  8. Seconded. I hope we will be able to see all the entries that were submitted. I just can't wait
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