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  1. (Wow! it's been ages since I've visited these boards!) THE424SHOW is my new webshow based on the 424 Guitar Technique! After 3 years, no lessons, and a lot of repetition, I think it's finally turning into something. Possibly an Error Correction Algorithm. Have a look! and please Share it if you can: Thanks
  2. Wow! this is really awesome news, and I'm listening to the album now Interestingly enough, I just finished making an AMV with the one of the street fighter anime movies [here], which is also made by Capcom; so this might be one step closer to industry collaboration on *any* type of remix. PS. I'm totally making an amv with one of these songs, probably using the Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie.
  3. There's an Opinion Exchange thread over at animemusicvideos.org that may interest you. The site uses an in-depth Opinion/rating system. You'll have to upload your video there first. Then make a thread saying you are willing to do a 1:1 exchange with your video [basically you are saying that if someone leaves you an op, you leave them an op in return] Specify any terms you want... like you will only do 3 exchanges etc...
  4. Nifty =P props to everyone! @ Saša: I haven't watched a good EVA vid like that in a while. You totally deserved to win in 'anime' :thumbsup: The moment I saw it, I knew my quicky vid was beat. On another note, I've always wanted to submit to ocremix, but I'm not a musician-- I just like to make AMVs, so this was something I simply had to do. Thanks for holding the contest guys :DD
  5. neat concept^^ yup--> *I should also note, that ff7 is considered anime, so almost all other entries could have higher quality hosting at animemusicvideos.org, just keep your file under 100MB and it should be fine.
  6. Ah yes, the Mac thing XD You'll enjoy having multiple tracks to throw your stuff onto; Layers... It's all about the layers
  7. Well, any NLE [non-linear editing software] should work just fine. And if you don't require effects much, any NLE's is just as good as another [for the most part, I only used Magix MEP10 to chroma-key the moon, and add shakes... and some other small things...]. It's all about the methods you use. If you read this guide you'll become a video-editing guru; So something like what I made can easily be done in 2 hrs [ex. for an Iron Chef competition]
  8. Um, I've never counted cuts for any of my videos I've made ^^, but here: when I ctrl+a, and dragged and dropped my timeline, there were 333 objects, spanning the 2:19 minutes. PS. I hope I'm allowed to post pictures :/ note that the HQ.mp4 version is available free here: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/user/phantasmagoriat [so you can better see what's going on >.>] You can find all my other AMVs there too
  9. ok, so since nobody seems to want the higher quality version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_6pBrNtNko and something I made yesterday, just cause it's also an ocremix song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knETIeO4Guo
  10. Hey nice, you used the same song as me: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=153281 mine's for download though, I recommend the Local .mp4 version, and using VLC for playback.
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